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    A member of the Teen Titans during the year after the Infinite Crisis. He has some ties to Apokolips. He was also Supergirl's boyfriend for a while, but... that didn't end so well.

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    Power Boy aka Powerboy was a 15 year old boy raised on the hellish planet ruled by Darkseid known as Apokolips. After an abusive childhood in the slums of Armegetto. When he became a teenager, he was taken from the slums to be used as a weapon by Darkseid.

    It was during this time that he discovered his empathic abilities to create great power. This ability stemmed from the emotions that he felt, such as love or hate. He also discovered that he could use the same ability with the emotions of other people.

    Meeting Supergirl on Apokolips

    Some years later, Darkseid would capture and brainwash the newest teenage incarnation of Supergirl in an attempt to use her as a weapon against Superman and the Earth.

    However, his attempts was thwarted by Big Barda, Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. They all rescued Kara and helped to return her to Earth. It was during this time that Powerboy first saw Supergirl. Inspired by The Girl of Steel, and hoping to see her again one day. He and his only friend Little Barda escaped the oppressive rule of Darkseid and found their way to Earth.

    DC's missing year

    Following the events of Infinite Crisis the DC Universe jumped an entire year of continuity. It was during this "lost year" that Power Boy would join the Teen Titans with Little Barda whom he had escaped from Apokolips with via his Father Box.

    After the death of Superboy (Connor Kent), the fact that Cyborg (Victor Stone) was in a coma and Robin (Tim Drake) was in a trip around the world with Batman (Bruce Wayne) and Nightwing (Dick Grayson) left the Teen Titans in a time of crisis. Beast Boy decided to start a membership drive for new and old members to join the almost broken team. During this drive he asked the superpowered duo of Power Boy and Little Barda. They both left the team after the death of Trajectory. He used his Father Box to teleport himself and Little Barda away to parts unknown (52 Week 21).

    Post missing year

    Around the return of the trinity Powerboy saved Kara (Supergirl vol 5. #11). He became Supergirl's boyfriend (Supergirl vol 5. #13). For a short while things where good between them. For example, they saved hundreds of men, women, and children during a Hurricane in Mexico. And took care of all the villains trying to kill Kara. However, after she thanked Powerboy for all the months he had helped protect her from all the Dark Angel and League of Assassins murder attempts. They fight when Kara blows off one of their dates to visit Owen Mercer in the hospital which makes Powerboy jealous. Kara ends their relationship and says she never wants to see him again.

    In a test to see if Supergirl would kill her cousin Superman. His Father Box was then used by Dark Angel to send Kara to a reality with a Red Sun and people possessed by Phantom Zone phantoms. She survived all the mind games by Dark Angel (see Supergirl vol 5 #10 through #19). And was determined to be the one true Supergirl. Yet her relationship with Powerboy was left in ruin.

    Months later the Boy of Power reappeared as one of the young heroes invited to join Cyborg's Titans East. While the training session was going well early on. His luck soon turned bad again. The nameless, fifteen year old, child abuse victim from the hellish Apokolips was found brutally killed by an unknown attacker. The killer was believed to be either the Sons of Trigon or Infinity-Man (the New God Killer).

    Found burned and left impaled through a tree branch. (Teen Titans East Special #1)
    Found burned and left impaled through a tree branch. (Teen Titans East Special #1)

    Powers and abilities

    Full list of powers never revealed, but New God Physiology and genetic manipulation gives him flight, levitation, super-strength, super-speed, super-breath, limited invulnerability; Empathy to read & sense the emotions of others; Immortality; Sonic Boom Clap; Energy manipulation powers to make solid energy constructs, force fields, and a giant energy hand. His Father Box also provides accelerated healing, and gives the ability to teleport or open Boom Tubes for dimensional travel.

    Weaknesses: Youth; Lack of friends & family; Prejudice towards New Gods from Apokolips; Empathic overload; Demonic Possession; Mind Control; Radion.


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