Power Ring

    Object » Power Ring appears in 33 issues.

    A rare item of power that can be found in various locations across Mobius. They can grant whoever holds them brief moments of increase physical abilities and even insight.

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    Known People Who Used Power Rings...

    •  Sonic: In SonicSatAM, Sonic was the only one who can use the power rings, as they were made for him by his Uncle Chuck, and they would give him a boost to his already powerful speed, more rings can grant him a larger boost. The same happens in the Archie Comics, but they included newer abilities, like can grant Sonic some insight on figuring things out or provide some protection when he is attacked. His main source of Power Rings is from the Lake of Rings in Knothole/ New Mobotropolis.
    • Monkey Khan: He wears a Power Ring crown that allows overall boost in power as well as protection from the Iron Queen's control. 
    •  Iron Queen: Her staff used Power Rings to help boost her powers
    • Antonine. In one issue, Ant used a ring to give him a boost in strength/swordsmanship to destory and Eggbot in one stroke.
    • Nat Morgan: He created the Power Rings in the Archie Comics, which he plan to used as an alternate fuel source.

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