Power Pack Respect Thread

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Respect the Pack!

This thread will eventually cover feats for Power Pack in these contexts:

• The original Power Pack series and its epilogue, the Christmas Special.

• Post-original series appearances set in 616 and in the current Marvel prime universe.

• The all-ages set of mini-series from the early 2000s onward.

However, I will focus on the original series at first and fill-in the others over time.

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Power Pack is four brothers and sisters--Alex, Julie, Jack, and Katie--and occasionally their friend Franklin Richards, at the time called Tattletale. (I won't cover Franklin here, but basically his powers in this era was limited to precognitive dreams.)

The Pack got their powers from Aelfrye Whitemane, or "Whitey," a Kymellian who transferred his powers to them upon his death. They started out with Alex as Gee, who had gravity powers, Julie as Lightspeed, with flight powers, Jack as Mass Master with density powers, and Katie as Energizer with energy powers.

Over time their powers were often switched amongst themselves, and eventually they were even able to do this intentionally. They occasionally took new names after their powers switched. For instance, when Alex had the energy powers he called himself Destroyer, when Julie had the density powers she called herself Molecula, Mistress of Density, when Jack had the gravity powers he called himself Counterweight, and when Katie had the flight powers she called herself Starstreak. Ultimately, their powers returned to their original "owners," and they mostly go by their original codenames now, except that Alex has updated his to Zero G. (There are also some updates to their abilities in the post-original series era, which I'll detail if I ever get to that.) I should note that when the kids switched powers, they often found a new way to use them that the previous user didn't know about, but when those powers switched back to the original, they could now use those new ways of using the powers, and learned them very quickly. So all Power Pack members should be seen as being capable of using each of these powers in all ways.

Since the powers kept switching around, and since they kept changing codenames, I am going to just organize this respect thread by their powers, as described by Whitemane: Energy, Gravity, Acceleration, and Density.

I'll also include posts for their Healing powers, fights, and strategies. (Just because they’re kids doesn’t mean they only fight other kids, or that they don’t know what it means to take on a real villain. In fact, they have fought plenty of scary, serious, deadly opponents, including Hobgoblin, Typhoid Mary, the demons of Limbo, Pestilence [the Horseman of Apocalypse], the Marauders, Sabretooth, Nova [the Herald of Galactus], and Kurse.)

So, on to the powers:


There are three basic uses of the Energy powers: The user can disintegrate matter, absorb energy, and then blast out the energy from the disintegrated matter or absorbed energy in the form of Power Balls.

Disintegrating Matter

Absorbing Energy

Power Balls

Power Balls are destructive balls of energy. The could originally only shoot them out as single balls, but eventually learned to shoot multiple smaller balls at once. The more energy the user has stored from disintegration or energy absorption, the more powerful the Power Ball.

Katie doesn’t need much power for a big ball: disintegrating only some rivets, she blows a huge hole in a brick wall big enough to fit a huge machine through (see guy next to machine for scale)

Katie absorbed so much power from the demon ceremony that her power ball could be seen across the whole New York skyline

The power can be weakened if necessary: Kid hit by power ball and not killed

Katie shoots mini power ball to slow down demons with baby

Katie blasts hole in alien ship's hull big enough to fit their own ship, Friday

Katie blows up huge computer bank

Katie casually blows hole in an alien ship's hull

Big power ball from Alex in alien arena

Katie overloads Snark’s force field

Alex blasts demon car

Power ball enough to make Nova groan

Power ball sends Nova reeling

Power ball blows up bricks and knocks back Sunspot

Alex destroys half of the Empire State Building steeple, which it says weighs thousands of tons

The Star Stalker is an alien energy absorber of great power. It could blast enough energy to overload Nova and turn her human. After Nova blasted it with a bunch of energy, Jack helps to overload it, weirdly wrapping it with energy

Katie KOs the massively-durable Kurse with one blast after absorbing the power of Mjolnir and Stormbreaker (repeated from above under Energy Absorption)

Alex disintegrates, then blasts, a truly massive hole in X-factor’s Ship, which was made by the Celestials and reinforced by Apocalyps (repeated from above under Disintegration)

Katie shoots out multiple power balls to accurately target girders

Alex shoots double power balls

Alex shoots out numerous power balls

Alex uses multiple power balls against multiple demons

Alex blasts out tons of power balls in all directions, then reabsorbs them

Some tactical uses:

Alex tactically blasts out floor below guy

Alex tactically blasts out ceiling above Marauders

Alex tactically blasts out ceiling above Sabretooth

Katie disarms Snark with power ball

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The person with Acceleration trails a rainbow while flying at high speeds.

The rainbow trail and blurring speeds are often used to distract opponents, especially in combination with Density's cloud power. The person flying can hit fairly hard due to their high speeds, and are extremely maneuverable.

Flight Speed

Rainbow Distractor

Flight Power

Striking power and strength while flying

Getting People to Run into Each Other

Julie flies between creatures to get them to smack into each other

Alex flies between aliens to get them to smack into each other

Flies between two creatures to get them to hit each other instead of the Pack

Disarming at High Speed

Dodging at High Speed

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The gravity power can increase gravity and decrease gravity for specific objects. In the classic series, it could only affect things by touch, although Whitemane could affect gravity at a distance, and so can the all-ages Alex and the post-original series Alex. The gravity power can chain along through various people, however. So for instance if all the kids held hands, Alex could de-gravitize them all.

They also learned to create a "super-G" punch that had the effect of a superhumanly-strong punch.

Alex also created wings for his costume that allowed him to fly by making slight manipulations in his gravity, up and down, as he glided.

De-gravitize (make things weightless)

Gravitize (increase gravity)

Super-G Punch


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The Density power was originally considered the least helpful by the kids. Over time it became one of the most versatile and useful.

The Density user could make their molecules extremely diffuse, and turn into a cloud that often partially looked like them. In this state, they could cloud people's vision (often in conjunction with the flyer's rainbow trail), make them cough, and they were immune to physical and energy attacks. They could fly in this form at high speeds, and often matched the Acceleration user's speeds, even in emergencies.

They could become very small and increase their density. In this state they were very resistant to physical damage, and, since they still weighed the same as when they were normal sized, could jump on someone and knock them out. Jack called this the "Jack Hammer," and later users called it the "Julie Hammer," etc.

They could also take on a slightly-larger and human-looking, but still-intangible form.

They could also change the density of the air around them to make little air bubbles. These bubbles could be soft and cushiony, or hard like a force field. They could make this force field around themselves or others.

Cloud Cover

Speed of Turning to Cloud

Immune to Energy Attacks as Cloud

Avoiding Suction as Cloud

Force Bubbles--Soft

Force Bubbles-Hard

Jack Hammer


Super-Dense Durability and Attacks

Taller, Less-Dense Form

Turn Partially Solid

Turn to Water

Cloud Flight Speed

Cloud Creates Coughs

Putting out Fires

Yes, the art towards the end of the series was really, really bad and drew them like mini muscular adults
Yes, the art towards the end of the series was really, really bad and drew them like mini muscular adults



The members of Power Pack can all heal themselves and others. It's not a healing factor. They need to actively try to heal. (Early on, they occasionally healed by accident without knowing how.) They got this power from Whitemane also.

Whoever has the Density power can also heal by changing into cloud form and back into human.

Healing Powers

Julie heals broken arm (the first time they healed, by accident)

A Kymellian teaches Katie to use her healing powers to heal from a great fall

They could use their healing powers on dolphins

Again confirmation of healing

Alex heals an Elan alien

Power Pack all heal themselves from the touch of Pestilence, Horseman of Apocalypse, which creates a very quick, deadly disease; Sabretooth says the same touch would have killed him without his healing factor

Density state-switch healing

Julie says she heals by turning to fog and back

Julie and Alex talk about the cloud healing again


Power Pack have been in many battles against very tough opponents. Here are a few highlights.

Power Pack vs Kurse--first battle

Power Pack vs Kurse--second battle (also shown above under Energy powers)

Power Pack vs Sabretooth

Power Pack vs the Marauders, who had slaughtered scores of Morlocks in the Mutant Massacre


Power Pack work together well in combination. Some examples:

Katie holds Jack while he does a super-G kick

Katie holds Alex while he degravitizes guy

They also travel in various combinations:

Alex degravitizes himself and Katie while Julie pulls them both, and Jack flies spearately in cloud form: example 1, example 2, example 3

Alex uses his wings to fly and also degravitizes Katie and carries her, and Julie and Jack fly separately: example 1, example 2

Examples of Kymellian Powers

"Fake Alex"

Towards the end of the original volume, Alex was temporarily replaced by a protoplasmic duplicate of the original. However, since he is an exact duplicate of the real Alex, to the molecular level, Fake Alex's feats should all be duplicatable by the real Alex (or anyone who held the powers Fake Alex had during that period).

Totally Random Alex Reaction Time

I have generally avoided showing classic fighting stats, but here Alex shows good reaction time by knocking away a bully's gun that is in his face.

Their Costumes

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