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The original series about the four siblings in the Power family, who received powers from a dying alien. Despite their young ages Power Pack never avoided fights with frightening aliens or psychotic gun men transformed into demons. They even tackled more earthly dangers including drug problems and child kidnappings. Along the way they swapped heir powers, fought like all brothers & sisters do, and their eldest member even transformed into a Kymellian alien.

Collected Editions

Non-U.S. Collected Editions

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  • The series ended quite abruptly with issue 62, leaving numerous plot-lines unfinished. However, all these were resolved in the Power Pack Holiday Special that was published a year after the series ended, made by the creative team that started Power Pack in 1984.
  • (This is the main Earth-616 continuity rendition of Power Pack. Not to be confused with the various successful mini-series set on Earth-5631 that began in 2005).

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