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The Power kids are distraught over the death of their smartship, Friday (issue #25). As they sift through the rubble, they discover there's still a light on her power grid. The light is recovered, but Yrik cautions that it might not mean that Friday is still alive.

Emperor Bhashda banishes Maraud and her clan from SnarkWorld. He also provides a ship to escort the Power Pack back to Earth. Kofi is banned from making the trip as punishment for Smartship Datta's death (issue #16), but he sneaks on board anyway.

On Earth, Reed Richards tries to decipher the drawing that Franklin left taped to his open window. He runs the drawing through his computer, and when the "monster" in the image is identified as a Snark, he gathers the Fantastic Four to take off for SnarkWorld.

Margaret Power, the kids' mother, is finally released from the hospital. However, her return home is far from joyous, since all four Power children are still missing.

The Snarks land in Central Park. Cloak and Dagger witness the landing, and when they see Yrik and a Snark carrying the sleeping Katie and Franklin off the shop, they erroneously believe that the Snarks have taken Power Pack prisoners. They attack, and Yrik ends up being sucked into Cloak's cloak. Kofi travels after him, and finds his father in an old nightmare. He discovers that his mother died protecting him, and realizes that it explains why his father dislikes him so much.

Power Pack manage to stop the battle, and Dagger and Yrik work together to revive the snarks who have been nearly killed by their trips through Cloak's cloak. The Powers return to their apartment for a joyous reunion with their parents, and Kofi and Yrik reconcile. Margaret reassures Franklin - who has tried to call home but has not received an answer - that he can stay with the Power family until his parents are located.

Guest stars: Cloak & Dagger


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