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Alex, Julie and Jack lose their powers to Jakal. He wants to kill them instantly, but is persuaded by his mother, Maraud, to hang onto them as hostages to lure Katie back to them. He places the three kids in chains and parades them around Snarkworld as captives.

Chancellor Hadj has a change of heart and attempts to use her healing powers to save the Snark's emperor, Bhashda. She is stopped and killed by Jakal, but manages to reveal that the power transfer process is actually fatal to Snarks. Franklin, in his dreamself, finds the Pack in the Emperor's throne room, They implore him to save the Emperor to stop the Snark Wars - the war of succession after the death of an emperor - from beginning. Frank relays the information to Friday and Kofi. The Emperor is thrown out the window, and Kofi teleports him back to Friday. However, Maraud tells her followers that Bhashda is dead, and the Snark Wars begin anyway. In the battle, Friday is hit and crashes to SnarkWorld. Before she dies, she asks Frank and Kofi to tell the Power Pack that she loves them.

In the caverns, Katie is still struggling to stay alive. As she attempts to crawl from one part of the cave to another, she slips and fires a power ball that brings down the roof. She is nearly crushed to death. Yrik discovers that he has pulled his healing abilities back, and uses them to save Katie.

As Jakal is about to kill the Power siblings, Katie appears. She tells Jakal that she will not hurt him, and bargains her life for those of her siblings. Jakal agrees and takes Katie back to the power transfer machine. She apologizes for hurting him and tells him that she will never hurt anyone that way again. Maraud forces Jakal to take Katie's power, which she voluntarily relinquishes.

As her powers are taken, Katie tells Maraud that she is "just like Alex"- she orders people around with no regard for their welfare. She tells Jakal that he is welcome to have her power, since all it does is make people treat her like a gun - to point at things and kill them. Alex, hiding with his siblings in the nearby air vent, finally realizes how harshly he has treated Katie.

Alex, Julie and Jack find Katie unconscious in the power transfer chamber. They save her from Jakal, who now has energy powers. Alex apologizes to Katie, reassures her that she is not a monster, and tells her that their powers made *him* into the monster. As the kids attempt to flee from Jakal and defend themselves, their powers return to them one by one. Julie receives the cloud power; Jack gets gravity, Katie has flight, and Alex has the energy power.

As Jakal lays dying, he reveals that Bhashda was poisoned by Maraud. He offers his body to the emperor. Yrik devises a machine to transfer Bhashda's mind to Jakal's body, and peace returns to SnarkWorld.

On Earth, James Power finally tells Margaret, who is still in the hospital, that their children are missing. As he leaves the hospital, he is stopped by Dagger. Dagger tells Mr. Power that she is sorry the kids are missing, and that she will do whatever she can to find them.

Guest stars: Reed Richards, Sue Richards, Dagger


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