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The Snarks find Jakal's resting place in the Arctic and recover his body. En route back to SnarkWorld, they place the Power Pack into crystals which allow them to use their powers, but not their communicator with Friday. They try in vain to escape from the crystals. Katie goes so far as to try to disintegrate air, but it only makes her suffocate.

Jakal, who is badly scarred and injured from Katie's power ball attack (issue #17), is revived. As soon as he is conscious, he attempts to attack Katie in her crystal. Katie, meanwhile, believes that she is a monster because she has hurt Jakal so badly.

When they arrive on SnarkWorld, the Powers are moved, in their crystals, to a power transfer room. They are joined by their Kymellian cousin Kofi, who has also been captured. Queen Maraud reveals that she intends to use a power transfer machine to remove the Pack's abiltiies and give them to Jakal. She demonstrates the machine by transferring healing powers from Lord Yrik - Kofi's father - to her right-hand Snark, Chancellor Haj.

Alex realizes that if Katie calls back her street clothing, she will be able to power up. She refuses, stating again that she doesn't want to hurt anyone. Alex bullies her into compliance. As soon as Katie fires a power ball into the side of her crystal, Alex calls out to Jakal and goads him into believing that Katie is "coming to get him." Jakal snaps and turns his laser gun on Katie's crystal, breaking it. She subsequently breaks everyone else's crystals with a power ball.

Julie and Alex argue about Alex's poor treatment of Katie as they battle the Snarks. Kofi manages to teleport away, but Alex, Julie and Jack are recaptured one by one.

Jakal empties his gun's energy on Katie and then promises to kill her with his bare hands. She refuses to hurt him, and instead opts to run. As Jakal grabs her foot, she trips, falls, and blasts a hole through the floor. The explosion mangles Jakal's hand. Katie falls through the floor and plummets to the bottom of a vast underground canyon, where her remaining energy stores explode on impact.


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