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Energizer's temper tantrum continued to flare.  She stamped her feet & sucked her thumb as explosive balls of energy burst out of her chest setting the grass on fire & accidentally damaging the Smartship Friday.  Gee decided to float his little sister into the air to stop any more destruction, but as he hadn't mastered his own gravity powers Lightspeed was forced to fly up & fetch them.  This all left Mass Master on the ground to try & put out the grass fire.  He tried to smother the fire with his cloudy particles.  However, as he grew closer to the fire, his particles grew close together again.  When the heat started to burn his naked falling body, his instinctively dispersed particles again.  The sudden movement on a molecular level created a vaccuum that put the fire out with a loud 'fwooom'.  He was pulling his clothes on when the others returned.   
Energizer had calmed down and was forced to acknowledge the damage her tantrum had done to Friday.  She hugged the Smartship who had grown arms to begin the repairs to her circuits.  Friday wouldn't be able to transport the children until after noon, because of the damaged circuits.  However, Power Pack had an urgent mission to stop Mr Carmody from activating the Anti-Matter converter after dawn.  Energizer began to tease Mass Master that he'd be naked because of how his clothes fall through his cloudy form.  Therefore, Friday provided them with a map to their father's lab & individual costumes made of Unstable Molecules.  They were all excited by their new outfits, except for Mass Master who insisted that they were too 'sissy'.  Friday then offered them some of Whiety's favourite food, which the children turned away mistaking it for blue sawdust. 
Power Pack flew off into the night.  Gee used his powers to cancel Energizer's weight, while Lightspeed provided the propulsion & Mass Master gave them cloudy cover from the streets below.  However, it had been several hours since the Snarks had kidnapped them & they were so hungry that they considered the morality of stealing food.
Meanwhile, miles above the Earth the Snark cruiser continued to roll & tumble uncontrollably.  They were desperately trying to repair the gyroscope that Energizer had disintegrated.  On the top deck of the cruiser, Snark scientists were using Snark technology to extract details of the Anti-Matter converter out of Doctor Power's unconscious mind.  They were determined to gain the information so they could use it as a weapon to destroy worlds.  However, even unconscious & powerless Doctor Power's mind was still too resistant for the Snark's probes.  The cruiser finally regained it's balance. 
Meanwhile, Power Pack had finally located the site of their father's lab.  Unfortunately, as they set foot on the roof of the nearest building they accidentally set off an alarm.  Therefore they laid an ambush for the security guards who rushed up to investigate.  Mass Master provided a thick misty cover, while Gee amplified his own weight to knock them out of the doorway.  In the confusion, Power Pack locked themselves in the building.  However, they'd picked up the guards' walkie talkie & Mr Carmody was calling for a report.  Mass Master tried to mimic Han Solo from Star Wars by pretending that it was a technical malfunction.  This only angered Carmody further, so Energizer disintegrated the walkie talkie.  They then began to sneak through the building, but had to hide from all the security guards.  Mass Master could slip through the cracks under doorways and unlock them from the other side, while Gee & Lightspeed could fly them out of the window.  This began to rattle the guards who started rumours of poltergeist activity. 
Eventually Power Pack found themselves floating outside of Carmody's office window.  They overheard him describe their father as a 'hippy' and confess that he had intended to use the Anti-Matter converter as a weapon.  Convinced that he was a true villain, Mass Master slipped through the cracks in the window and solidify behind Carmody's desk.  There, he managed to steal Carmody's ham sandwich & drink, but it smashed on the floor when he turned back into a cloud.  The others teased him about his failure as they floated away.  Gee commanded them to float as high as possible to get a better view of the entire complex; from there they could spot the building that was most heavily guarded, which would be the lab that contained the Anti-Matter converter.  From there, they could fly to the highest window & Energizer could disintegrate the glass while Mass Master hid them from the guards below.   
Back inside the Snark cruiser, the Snark scientists argued over how much pressure to apply to Doctor Power's mind.  If they used too much pressure then they might permanently damage his mind.  However, they feared the wrath of their Queen Mother more, and therefore increased the mind probe. 
However, having finally broken into the laboratory, Power Pack were stunned by the sheer size of the Anti-Matter converter.  Energizer offered to disintegrate as much as possible, but Gee admitted that they didn't know which were the vital components.  Lightspeed thought of Whitey who had died as he'd passed his powers onto them in order to save the Earth from this machine, but Mass Master pointed out that they were just kids.  Having recomposed themselves, they decided that they had to try something.   
Racing across to the machine, Energizer accidentally tripped an alarm.   With noise ringing through the air, Gee tried to nullify the weight of the converter.  However, Lightspeed noticed that the machine was bolted to the floor.  Energizer began to disintegrate the bolts while Lightspeed & Mass Master ran to the door to slow down any security who arrived.  Unfortunately, they leant their weight against the door without realising it was a sliding door.  When it opened to a couple of security guards lead by a furious Mr Carmody, they fell backwards landing at their feet.  Instantly, Carmody gave the command to kill the children.  However, Lightspeed & Mass master instantly used their powers to escape & attack.  Lightspeed would steal their guns & knock over the guards who were blinded by Mass Master's cloud cover. 
Meanwhile, Energizer had only one bolt left to disintegrate.  She'd discovered that she couldn't absorb any more energy.  Just as Gee instructed her to blow a hole in the wall, Carmody grabbed her from behind.  Despite being startled that she was glowing, he held tightly on to her.  Energizer panicked, called for her sister and sent explosive energy flying everywhere.  She'd successfully managed to create a massive hole in the wall large enough to fit the converter through, but Carmody still held onto her.  Lightspeed snatched her away, scolding her sister for nearly disintegrating him.  Since she had drained her energy store, Energizer was able to destroy the final bolt & climbed on top of the machine while Gee gradually pushed it off the ground. 
Power Pack successfully flew through the giant hole in the wall with the Anti-Matter converter.  Mass Master scoffed that they were safe under his cloudy cover, but secretly thought that his own power was a 'total waste'.  Down below, Carmody ordered his security to call the Air Force for help.  However, his own guards had given up accepting that nobody would believe their claims.  Frustrated, Carmody discovered that his personal stash of candy bars had disappeared from his jacket pocket. 
As they flew over the forest, the wind began to whip around the Anti-Matter converter.  While Gee could easily lift the machine, he couldn't keep it's balance.  Therefore the Anti-Matter converter slipped out of his grip, regained it's full weight & crashed onto the ground, smashing into irreparable pieces.  They considered whether their father would be angry, to which Mass Master joked that he'd blame it on Energizer who never got into trouble for breaking things at home.  To add to their joy, Lightspeed revealed that she had the candy bards that had fallen out of Carmody's jacket pocket when she saved Energizer earlier.  
However, Carmody had heard the girls call each other by their Christian names.  He had already begun to deduce that they weren't aliens or poltergeists, but were in fact his employee's children.  Yet he wrongly assumed that they had gained their powers through an X-Gene based mutation.
Much later that day the Snarks had finally managed to secure the location of the lab from Dr Power's mind.  Unfortunately for them, they discovered the remains of the machine on the forest floor.  Angered, they grew even more determined to capture Power Pack & present them to their Queen as a gift.



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