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In this special issue, the Power kids are getting ready for Thanksgiving, which they will be spending on their own. Their mother, Margaret, is still in the hospital in critical condition from the injuries she suffered at the hands of Kurse in issue #18. Their father, James, is holding vigil at the hospital, and their grandfather is away on a concert tour in Japan.

Alex is still extremely depressed about his mum being in hospital. He's extremely angry and rude to his siblings, and his rage boils over when he discovers that Katie has invited several of their friends to their apartment for a Thanksgiving party. He and Julie forbid Katie to go to the Thanksgiving Day Parade as punishment, but she ignores him and leaves the house. Jack and Julie chase after Katie, while Alex flies out the window to be alone.

Alex is floating, out of control in the strong winds. Cloak and Dagger who are watching the Parade form a nearby building, catch him and try to defuse his anger.

Down in the Morlock tunnels, AnnaLee, who has been invited to Katie's party, locks Leech in a wooden box so he will not follow her above ground. He escapes and catches up with her at the Parade. AnnaLee uses her empathy power to project hatred into the crowds, and they attack Leech. Julie and Jack, who have been searching for Katie, intervene, along with Kitty Pryde and Wolverine. Leech reaches out to AnnaLee, and she realizes for the first time that he cares about her. She pledges to protect him.

Katie meets Franklin Richards and Beta Ray Bill at the Parade. During the commotion with Leech, she steals a giant Mighty Mouse balloon from the Parade route. She and Franklin manage to fly it to her mother's hospital room, and are saved by Beta Ray Bill before they crash into the building. When asked why she stole the balloon, Katie explains that her mother told her that the balloons in the parade always made her problems seem small - so she thought that Mighty Mouse might make her mother's illness small, too.

Back at the Powers' apartment, Katie reveals the motive for her party. She is upset about her mother's critical condition, but she thinks that it's better to be "miserable and alone" with others. She's invited everyone she could think of who would have otherwise been spending the holiday alone or without family. Alex, perched on the fire escape outside the window, hears the explanation and forgives Katie. The party, with Cloak and Dagger, Leech, AnnaLee, Franklin, Beta Ray Bill, Wolverine and Kitty Pryde, is a success.

Guest stars: AnnaLee, Beta Ray Bill, Cloak & Dagger, Kitty Pryde, Leech, Wolverine


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