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Franklin Richards, son of Reed and Sue Richards of the Fantastic Four, has another "special" (precognitive) dream in which he sees a young Kymellian in a smartship being shot to Earth, and sees a snark capturing Power Pack.

The next day in the park, Franklin sees the Power kids as they are roller skating, and realizes that they are the children from his dream. He explains the dream to them, and when they search the park, they do indeed find a young Kymellian named Kofi. He explains that he is their "cousin," since Alfreye Whitemane, who gave Power Pack their abilities, was his uncle. Kofi has stolen his father's smartship, Datta, and flown to Earth to warn Power Pack that a High Snark, Prince Jakal, is coming for them. Jakal intends to make the Power Pack into weapons in Queen Mother Maraud's arsenal.

Jakal discovers Kofi, Frank and Power Pack in the park and attacks. They flee from him and retreat to the Powers' apartment. Smartship Datta was shot down and killed by Jakal, and the Pack cannot reach their own smartship, Friday, since their communicators are still broken (issue #11), so they're on their own in their battle against the high Snark.

Jack notices that Franklin is even younger than Katie, and chides her that she is no longer "the littlest superhero." As a result, Katie immediately dislikes Franklin, and is jealous of any attention that he is given by other members of the team. When Franklin's shirt - which says "4 1/2" and reveals that he is associated with the Fantastic Four - is seen, Katie is not impressed. She claims that Frank's premonitions are just lucky guesses. Katie's hatred of Frank grows even more when he tells her that he dreamed that they were all captured by the Snarks - and it was all her fault.

The battle between Jakal and Power Pack continues, and the kids finally hide on the Statue of Liberty. When Frank tries to tell Katie to be quiet, she loses her patience and screams at him to leave her alone. The scream gives away the Pack's location, and Jakal begins to pull them up to his ship with a tractor beam.

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