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    Power Pack » Power Pack #1 - Power Play released by Marvel on August 1984.

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    High above the Earth's atmosphere, a white alien ship dodged blasts from a group of golden spaceships. Friday, the Whitey the Kymellian had sent information of Dr Power's discovery back home, but the signal had been intercepted & jammed by the Snarks, who then set out to attack Whitey & his Smartship Friday. Meanwhile, inside a beach-side family home, the Power family remained oblivious of how their destiny was about to change. Eldest son Alex tinkered with his new telescope. Middle children Jack & Julie did the dishes (their father was impressed that Julie could read books while doing the dishes, while Jack threatened to throw the newly cleaned glasses at his brother). The radio announced UFO sightings, so youngest daughter Katie peered through the windows hoping to see aliens. As the alien fight raged, they entered Earth's atmosphere. So when Friday was hit, Katie saw the light-show & screamed for everyone to see. Julie's book fell in the water, and Jack insulted Katie for making it all up. To keep their kids quiet, James & Margaret Power decided to let them sleep on the porch.

    In the dead of night, Julie's flashlight woke Katie. Wide awake, Katie spotted something glowing that had washed up on the beach. She meant to use Alex's telescope to look at it closer, but knocked it over & woke the others. They ventured down to the beach to investigate. Sure enough, they discovered Friday. However, she was laying dormant in the water, with no signs of life. Jack could see someone inside, so they decided to fetch their mom & dad. Katie threw a tantrum, demanding to stay with her alien so Alex stayed behind with her while Jack & Julie ran back to the house. However, as they approached the house a Snark mothership hovered over-head & landed before the kids could reach their parents.

    Back on the beach, Alex & Katie could see a light in the distance where their house was. It distracted them so much that they didn't notice Friday's cabin opening & Whitey slowly emerging from billowing smoke. He had been woken by the Snark ship landing. Taking their hands, Whitey & the kids began to glow in rainbow colours & disappeared. Back at the house Margaret & James Power ran outside to investigate. By the time they saw their kids were gone, they were ambushed & kidnapped by lizard-like Snarks. Outraged, Jack attacked. His flashlight & punches did little to stop the Snarks. Julie also ran to help, but they were both easily caught. The Snark threw Jack in the air ready to kill him, but Jack didn't fall back down. Instead, the air around him shimmered and Whitey gently lowered Jack to the ground. When Julie was thrown into the air, Whitey leapt to catch her & protected himself & the kids from the Snark lasers with a molecular density shield. As the Snark mothership was about to take-off & crush his shield, Whitey teleported them all back to the shore in a bright rainbow flash.

    However, Whitey had been injured during the fight. He took the Power kids on board Friday where Whitey explained that the machine their father had invented could cause a chain reaction that would tear the Earth apart. However, when he tried to notify his people, the Snarks intercepted & jammed the transmission; hoping to use Dr Power's invention as a weapon. Therefore they kidnapped him to steal the designs from his mind. Alarmed, Alex warned them that the machine had already been built & was due to be tested in the morning. What's more, their father had left blueprints of the machine in the house. Alex quickly ran to the house & retrieved the blueprints before Friday took off. All scared, the kids tried to get some sleep while Friday & Whitey discussed his injuries. Friday knew her friend would die if he over-exerted himself. Whitey knew that his people could transfer powers to each other & he considered transferring his powers to the kids in a last ditch effort to save the Earth.

    Unfortunately, they were soon caught in the Snarks' tractor beam. The Snarks demanded the blueprints. Therefore Whitey offered the Power kids a chance to transfer his powers of Energy, Mass, Acceleration & Gravity to them. Tentatively they all agreed and held hands in a circle. Whitey disappeared in a blinding flash of sparkling light. Left alone in an alien spaceship, the Power kids couldn't get their new powers to work. So the boys told the girls to hide behind the pilot's chair. Insulted at the sexist attitude, the girls prepared to face the Snarks too.

    At that moment the Snark tractor beam cracked through Friday's canopy. The kids began to float up through the air; Julie grabbed Katie's hand, who was anchored by Jack holding her ankle. Alex held his brother's hand, but couldn't hold himself down because the blueprints were in his other hand. Yet amazingly they remained stationary; Alex's feet had turned black with a shimmering checkerboard pattern as his new-found powers over gravity emerged.

    However, because she was scared Katie's hands had grow sweaty. Julie slipped out of her sister's grasp and flew up into the Snark ship. As soon as she was held by one of the lizard-like Snarks, Julie screamed and suddenly flew away leaving a rainbow trail of light behind her. Although they hadn't captured her, the Snarks realized that the Kymellian's powers had been transferred to the Human children & that their queen would pay them handsomely for this information.

    Below, still caught in the tractor beam, Katie's powers began to develop. Jack couldn't hold on to her ankle any more as her body began to burn his hand. Like her sister, Katie flew up into the Snark ship & was caught by a soldier. Frightened, she put her hands on the alien's breastplate to push it away. Instead, she burned two handprints into the Snark's armour, causing him to drop her. She ran into the smallest crawlspace she could find; underneath the ship's gyroscope. Still scared, Katie's glowing hands began to accidentally destroy the gyroscope. As the ship began to tilt & tumble, Katie's whole body began to glow. She fell across the floor as the ship spun around uncontrollably. The Snarks fled her attack and she crashed into the tractor beam control unit destroying it instantly (causing her brothers to fall back into Friday's cabin).

    Katie's body crackled & energy bolts spat out of her chest. Various whole's were blown in the ship's hull, and Katie tumbled out of one. Alex caught her, his anti-gravity powers couldn't stop their slow downward motion. They were soon caught by Julie who flew out of the ship & pushed them back up to Friday. The Snarks were slowly repairing their ship & opened fire upon Friday. Jack sulked that he hadn't developed any powers & wished for a cloud to cover them from the alien fire. Amazingly, a cloud enveloped Friday & hid them from the Snarks. Jack had expended his molecular density until he became a living cloud. He ran across the sky with Friday hidden inside of him.

    Landing in a field, Jack shrank back to his regular size inside of his clothes. The kids were all excited at their new powers. Alex gave himself the name Gee to reflect his powers over gee-forces. Julie named herself Lightspeed for her ability to fly at the speed of light. Katie chose the name Energizer, like the rabbit in the commercials. Alex proclaimed that he was Mass Master. Together they were Power Pack.

    Then the realisation set in that the Snarks still had their parents. On top of that, Mr Carmody would be testing Dr Power's Anti-Matter Converter in the morning. All of which scared Energizer into crying that she wanted to go home.



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       Rereading this issue is why I wrote the "reasons I love the 80's List " .   I was kind of surprised at how well the book stood the test of time.   It is the story of a family of kids who are bestowed with superpowers so they can rescue their family and save the world.  It is a childrens book. Leave no doubt in your head about that. However, it is only a kid book in format. The panels are larger, there is not so much in they way of words filling the spaces. It is geared to be taken in with as ...

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