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    Character » Power Nelson appears in 45 issues.

    During the Golden Age, Power Nelson battled evil in the 'future' of 1982. In Dynamite's Project Superpowers Universe he has since been elected President of the United States.

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    Born Gene West, scientists chose Gene West as their test subject for an experiment, the worlds hope to fight back against the Mongols that had taken over the world by capitalizing on the destruction and chaos caused by the second and third World Wars. The experiment is ultimately a success and Gene West takes on the persona of Power Nelson, wearing an eye patch to protect his real identity, and proceeds to do battle against the Mongols and Emperor Seng I.

    Power Nelson's entire story is later tossed aside and he is depicted fighting the Nazis in the 1940s as a super hero.


    The character of Power Nelson was created by Paul Norris for use Prize comics, his first appearance is in Prize Comics #1 which was released in March, 1940.

    Character Evolution

    Power Nelson is incredibly loyal and kind hearted, willing to sacrifice his life for the betterment of the entire world. He is also an old fashioned male, having an aversion to striking a woman.

    Powers and Abilities

    Power Nelson's powers included amazing super strength described as the "strength of a steam engine" and super human invulnerability described as "the hardness of tempered steel."


    Power Nelson is psychologically unable to fight females.


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