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    Object » Power Morpher appears in 166 issues.

    A Power Morpher is the object that gives the Power Rangers their power. They usually serve the dual purpose of being the Ranger's communicators.

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    The Morphers aren't shown much in the comics, but have been on occasion. The Power Morphers are the only ones to have made an appearance.

    TV Show


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    The original Morphers were Octagons of metal with a Metal Coin in the middle called a Power Coin. It to the energy from the coin and turned it into suits and tech for the Ranger's to use. These were eventually destroyed after many Rangers used them. These were worn by the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.


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    The Zeo mophers were the next Morphers seen. They were called Zeonizers which harnessed the powers of the Zeo Crystals

    which gave the Zeo Power Rangers their powers. It activated by a series of had movements ended by putting the two parts of the Morpher, worn on each wrist, together in a cross formation. The crystals were eventually drained of their power making the Zeonizers useless. These were worn by the Zeo Power Rangers

    Turbo Morphers

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    The Turbo morphers were a Key and a Metal Ignition slot that you turn the key in, It was also worn the wrist. These were worn by the Turbo Power Rangers The Turbo Morphers had a unique morphing sequence in which the rangers made a motion that looked like turning a car wheel before inserting their key into the Morphers. These Morphers were created by Zordon and Alpha.

    Astro Mophers

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    These mophers were worn on the writst and had a cover that poped open. A number pad was then shown and the user pressed in the numbers 3-3-5. These were worn by the Space Power Rangers, The creators of these morphers are unkown, though there are speculation that it was Zordon who created these morphers as well.


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    These morphers were worn on the wrtist as well and were activated by simply pressing a button. They were worn by the Lost Galaxy Power Rangers

    Rescue Morphers

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    The Rescue Morphers were worn by the Lightspeed Rescue Power Rangers. They were worn on the wrist and were developed by the defense organization Lightspeed. The cover for these morphers like outward and in in a 180 degrees turn.

    Chrono Morphers

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    These were worn by the Time Force Power Rangers. They were worn on the wrist and were developed in the year 3000.

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    They projected holograms above the lense of the morpher, shown on the picture to the right to enable the Ranger's to communicate with each other.

    Growl Phone

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    Thes were used by the Wild Force Power Rangers. It was in the shape of a cell phone and when a ranger opened it and put it to his ear saying "Wild Access", It changed shape into to the various animal the ranger represented.

    Wind Mophers

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    These were worn on the wrist and were used by the Ninja Storm Power Rangers. The call of "Ninja Storm, Ranger Form" and the spin of the disc on top of the Morpher which enabled them to morph into Ranger form.

    Dino Morphers

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    The Dino Thunder Power Rangers used these morphers. There were activated by saying "Dino Thunder, Power Up" and flipping the Dino plate, plate on top of the Morpher. The Dino Morphers were worn on the wrist.

    Delta Morphers

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    These were worn by the S.P.D. Power Rangers and were in the the shape of a little electronic device. A press of a button and calling "S.P.D. Emergancy" activated these morphers. These were also used as badges by the rangers.

    Mystic Morphers

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    These morphers are in the shape of a cell phone which could be used to dial spells. different combinations did different things. Dialing 1-2-3 Morphed the teens into Rangers when they called "Magical Source, Mystic Force" These were worn by the Mystic Force Power Rangers.

    Overdrive Tracker

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    These morphers were used by the Overdrive Power Rangers. It was in the shape of a little electronic device which could be used for a cell phone and other useful utilities. The activation call was "Overdrive accelerate!" Then they ran the disk on the morpher across their arm, starting their Morph.

    Solar Morphers

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    These unique morphers were in the shape of sunglasses and were used by the Jungle Fury Power Rangers. They could be used to communicate visually with other Rangers

    Cell Shift Morphers

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    These were used by the R.P.M. Power Rangers. They were in the shape of Cell phones and could be installed in the Steering wheels of the Zords. The activation call was "RPM Get in Gear!"

    Special Morphers

    Golden Power Staff

    - The Morpher and weapon of the Zeo Gold Ranger. It was a staff of Gold with his symbol at the end which could shoot blasts and call on his Zord.


    - Morpher usede by the Silver Space Ranger. it was somewhat similar to the Astromorphers and is used to call on his Zord.

    Magna Defender Morpher

    - Morpher used by the Magna Defender from the Lost Galaxy Rangers. It was two wrists mounted gadgets that, when put together, activate the morphing sequence enabling Mike to become the Magna Defender.

    Titanium Morpher

    - Used by the the Titanium Rescue Ranger which looked like a V mounted on his wrist. It was also used to call on his Zord.

    Quantum Morpher

    - Used by the Quantum Time Force Ranger. It looks similar to the Chromo Morphers and has some of the same functions

    Lunar Cell

    - Used by the Lunar Wolf Ranger from the Wild Force series. It is just like the Growl Phones, but with different colors.

    Thunder Morphers

    - Used by the Crimson and Navy Ninja Rangers, which are in the shape of bettles on their wrists. Their wings pop up when activated.

    Samurai Cyclone Morpher

    - In the shape of a Green Ball, the Green Samurai Ranger held this morpher out in front of him to activate it.

    Brachio Morpher

    - Used by the Black Dino Ranger and has a key and place to put it similar to the Turbo Morphers.

    Drago Morpher

    - Morpher used by the White Dino Ranger and is almost identical to the Dino Morphers, but with the shape of his Dino Zord.

    Patrol Morpher

    - Used by the Shadow S.P.D. Ranger who was the leader of the Rangers. Same as the Delta Morphers.

    Kat Morpher

    - Personal Morpher of Kat which only had the life of an hour. It is the same as a Delta Morpher.

    Omega Morpher

    - Morpher of the Omega Ranger which looks like a motorcylce handlebar.

    Nova Morpher

    - Personal Morpher of Nova which is identical to the Omega Morpher, just a different color.

    Solaris Morpher

    -Used by the Solaris Knight from the Mystic Force series.

    Mercury Morpher -

    Used by the Mercury Overdrive Ranger and is mounted on the wrist unlike the Overdrive Trackers.

    Rhino Morpher

    - Used by the Rhino Jungle Fury Ranger and could be used as a Blade in combat as well.

    Wolf Morpher

    - Used by the Wolf Jungle Fury Ranger and used the unique color of purple. It was a wrist mounted morpher unlike the Solor Morphers.

    Rev Morpher

    - Used by the Black and Green R.P.M. Rangers. This morpher is mounted on the wrist, even when morphed.

    Sky Shift Morpher

    - These morrphers looked like triggers and are used by the Gold and Silver R.P.M. Rangers. They can use these to control their Zords as well.


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