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    Volume 2

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    Power Girl (Volume 2)

    Starring: Power Girl

    Writers Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti together with artist Amanda Conner emphasized the fun of Power Girl in her first ongoing series. Power Girl had suffered a great deal more than most heroes since her first appearance in All- Star Comics# 58. Originally the cousin of Earth -2's Superman. she had her origins retconned following the "Crisis on Infinite Earth" maxi series to make her the grand daughter of Arion of Atlantis. After the events of "Infinite Crisis" her original Earth 2 Kryptonian origin was back, but the hero now found herself on New Earth - as a new Earth - 2 had its own version of Power Girl. Set in new York, Power Girl #1 saw the hero trying to start a new life as Karen Starr, until an old JSA foe, the Ultra-HUmanite, attacked, hoping to place his consciousness in Power Girl's body.

    Issues #1-12 written by Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti with artwork by Amanda Conner.

    Issues #13-25 were written by Judd Winick with artwork by Sami Basri.

    Collected Editions


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