Which Females Could PG Beat At Arm Wrestling?

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#1 Posted by GWHH (835 posts) - - Show Bio

Which Females Could Power Girl Beat At Arm wrestling? Without cheating or anything like that. A straight up match between the ladies!

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#2 Posted by PowerGirlFan (307 posts) - - Show Bio

Nothing much happening in the comic, eh?

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#3 Posted by RDClip (2069 posts) - - Show Bio

Probably most superheroines, maybe shehulk could give her a run for her money. No one say that Supergirl would challenge her because they are both the same person at birth, but PeeGee is older and much more muscular.

Nothing much happening in the comic, eh?

Yeah, theres only so many ways people can voice their displeasure with Worlds Finest. I'm just waiting on a new writer taking the book and hopefully doing something better with it. (that is, if it doesn't get cancelled first)

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#4 Posted by PowerWoman (3639 posts) - - Show Bio

She hulk?no way....If new 52 superman easily bench earth weight five days,Powergirl should be around this level

Not battle,only raw strength,I think Powergirl is stronger than wonder woman or supergirl

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