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Power Girl enters the Darkworld, intent to defeat the Weaver, a Lord of Chaos and an enemy of her grandfather Arion. She meets a creature named Ghy, who allows her to breach the wall separating our realm and Darkworld. Once in Darkworld, she faces all of her nightmares come true: her friends turning against her, her original parents Zor-El and Allura fading from memory, and her grandfather Arion disowning her. In the end, she becomes a captive of the Weaver.
Power Girl breaks out of the Weaver’s web, but is attacked by her long-lost brother Khater. Khater is also a grandchild of Arion, but was thought lost with the sinking of Atlantis. The Weaver begins warping the fabric of Darkworld, again attacking Power Girl’s insecurities. However, Power Girl uses her lessons taught to her by her karate instructor “Mongo” Krebs to not give into her fears. She renews her attack, and with Ghy’s help, defeats the Weaver.
Power Girl is teleported home, where the Phantom Stranger waits for her. The Stranger explains that Power Girl is now in the middle of the fight between the Lords of Order and Chaos, and that she must help warn the other heroes of Earth.

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