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The worst kind of filler

To get started, let me say that PG is the only DC comic that I am regularly reading, and surely the only one that I will miss post-flashback. This issue makes me seriously wonder why. 
Obviously, the issue is filler material, not trying to do much of importance to anybody. That, in itself, is understandable and not much of a problem, if well done. However, we do not get 'well done', we get moralizing and with more plot holes than Heavy Rain (yes, it's that bad).  Additionally, the artwork is subpar for the series. I have come to expect better, although it's nowhere close to as bad as the writing.
 After this stinker, I will skip the last  book of the series. Obviously, DC has given up on PG anyway.  Bummer. It was cool while it lasted.

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    Synopsis: Power Girl goes to a Power Girl convention. What's Good? It's awesome that this issue came out right around Comic-con. Seeing how I'm not at Comic-con (I will one year), this is as close as I'm going to get to it. What surprises me is that Judd Winick is not finishing Power Girl, and instead, Matthew Sturges takes his place. The opening page really touched me, with PG talking to her fans about power, and how each woman have that inside them whether or not they have superpowers, and thi...

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