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Power Girl #25.

It's sad to say but in DC'S reboot thing Power Girl won't be having her own series but she will be making appearances. To me that sucks because this series has been awesome and rarely disappointed me. She is one of my favorite characters and deserves her series. So this is the last issue of this story. Power Girl and Bruce try to stop Rayhan Mazin from destroying Gotham with his weather powers. He gets to the hospital again and tries to see his father. Kara is left with fighting the massive storm he's created. Although the storm stops once he gets to see his dying father, which he dies in front of him. Bruce found out he was innocent and tried to help those people using his powers. Kara sends him to the JSA because they've been looking for new faces. Kara tells Bruce of how she missed him when he was gone and he said that she's one of the best! (yay!) 

This issue ended solidly. I really enjoyed this story with this guy Rayhan. I love that Kara is becoming a better hero and Bruce has such a close relationship with her. It makes me happy that he called her one of the best because to me Kara is one of the best! The issue was action packed which I love! I really like that Kara sent Rayhan to the JSA.  
art:this artwork has been great! I love how Kara is drawn and how beautiful she looks. The cover is a different story but that will be for later. 
The BAD!

The cover I just didn't like. Kara's face looked so weird and her thighs were very manly. Her whole body looked manly and it just didn't work. I don't know why Bruce was behind her because during the issue she was the one fighitng the storm not him. 

Anyway the cover was just bad and misleading. I did enjoy this issue a lot so I say pick it up! 4.5 out of 5!!!!!!

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