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She is one of the best.

Synopsis: Power Girl and Batman tackle a metahuman, falsely accused of something he didn't do and with weather powers.

What's Good?

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This second part of this story went exactly like I thought it would, but  it was how Judd Winick it was handled it. Rayham was wrongfully accused of being a terrorist, and what's worse is being claimed to be a terrorist with superpowers. He doesn't want to make trouble, he just wants to see his father that's in the hospital. Winick makes Rayham relate to how we might feel if we were wrongly accused of something we didn't do.The team-up with Batman and Power Girl could have been with Dick instead of Bruce, but with Bruce it added some last minute touching moments. It's a moment like the end that makes this series so underrated.

Again, Henory Prasetya's artwork is on par with Sami Basri. I would even say that his work might be a little bit better than Basri. I did notice in this issue that Prasetya makes character eyes easier to see  I like the detail with the rain and the water on each character.

What's Bad?

As I said before, the story comes off a bit predictable. Also with the reboot, it's disappointing that Rayhan may not be part of the reboot as his character showed some potential.

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Overall: This was a simple, yet effective story. As I mentioned in most of my DC reviews, this is one of the titles I will miss in the reboot. Only two issues left unfortunately. Got to make the best of it.

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