duo_forbidden's Power Girl #23 - Up, Up & Away, Part Two review

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A magical issue and another new start

Synopsis: Zatanna teams up with Power Girl

What's Good?

In this second part, Judd Winick adds more magic to this series literally. Zatanna is being held captured by a villain called Siphon, a villain not exactly suited for Power Girl, but he makes things interesting enough so PG can't take him out so easily. He's such an interesting character that I wouldn't mind seeing him in future issues of Zatanna. The ending is quite a change for Karen Starr as she adopts a trick similar to Supergirl counterpart . It makes sense actually, because really, I don't see how anyone else haven't put Karen and Power Girl together.

I've literally ran out of praise for Sami Barsi's wonderful artwork. Zatanna and her magic fits along quite nicely in this series.

What's Bad?

For those not used to Zatanna's backward spells, this issue has a lot of it. Some are easy to get, while others you might have to rearrange.

Overall: I think Judd Winick got a good start of making Power Girl adventures like the days of Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gary. This issue got a good touch of craziness, but still serious at the same time. Now let's have Terra drop in the near future. 

 The new Karen Starr...who looks like  Ophelia Day. 
 The new Karen Starr...who looks like  Ophelia Day. 


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