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Dinnerware, Car, Washing machine, bras-- magic out the wazoo.


In comic books we have many different kinds of plots and stories. Sometimes there deep

 Powergirl #23
 Powergirl #23

and mind provoking, making us look at society from a different perspective and to generally see things in a new and original way. Then sometimes we have plots that are so ridiculous that you’d cringe just at the mere though that somebody actually put them down on paper (For example, most of the silver age plots and series). Then we have ideas that are just too so mind blowing that it makes your inner child jump up and down in joy. One such example of this was shown in last month’s issue of Powergirl with Powergirl and Superman teaming up to fight magical dinosaurs. So how can you top that? Well let’s see with Powergirl #23.


 So we start off where last months issue left us off, with Powergirl and Superman fighting magical dinosaurs, except there far more certain that the dinosaurs that their fighting are made of magic (maybe because of the machine gun arms and the Mickey mouse gloves). So with the confirmation that their foes are magical the two decide to call in for some magical assistance (10 guesses as to who) but as they reach and hear her answering machine message they

 pure, unadult rated awsum.
 pure, unadult rated awsum.

deduce that their magical assistance is already involved and start a search for them. Meanwhile we get a little back story on our magical villain for this issue, the nature of his power and he also openly tells us his plan (as villains usually have a knack of doing). But as our villain is caught up in his own voice we get a “faster than a speeding bullet” rescue and thus the showdown for this issue begins. How dose it turn out? Pick up Powergirl #23 to find out.


Now if you couldn’t tell from the first paragraph I love Winick’s premise for these two parters. It’s a lot less complex than the few previous issues that were tie-ins to Winicks Justice League Generation lost and a lot more old fashioned super-hero fun

 Your a wizard harry.
 Your a wizard harry.

action (plus I can’t help but think of the old Earth-2 when seeing this team up). It’s the breather that was necessary for us to stand back from the last story and to step into the next. (Plus somehow when reading it I can’t help but think of a young kids first interpretation of what happens in comics). Basris artwork is great, and given the premise of the story hasn’t disappointed with the visual gags. This is also helped with Jessica Kholinne’s colouring that utalizes every shade and colour to take us on a magical adventure (pun possibly intended). Overall a fun, well written, drawn and coloured issue.


Overall I give powergirl #23 a 4.5/5. It’s a fun issue which is easy to read for both current fans of the series and new readers and also acts as that break between multi part stories which require some investment to understand properly. So if you want something fun, pick up powergirl #23 now.



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