gmanfromheck's Power Girl #22 - Up, Up & Away, Part One review

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Superman And Dinosaurs?

The cover alone featuring Superman and Power Girl fighting a dinosaur is reason enough to read this issue. 

The Good 

Power Girl has been going through some hard times lately. Finally things appear to be getting on the right track for her. We get to see some progress in her civilian problems (with her company), a visit from her "cousin" Superman and a fight against dinosaurs. What more could you want? To make things even more interesting, there's a slight twist during the fight against the dinosaurs. The talk between Superman and Power Girl is great as it could have a big impact on what Power Girl does next.  
Winick shows that he really gets Power Girl's character and Sami Brasi continues to show action and emotion in each panel.

The Bad 

There isn't much to complain about.  

The Verdict 

The story had action, plot progression, a tease to new developments and of course, a cliffhanger at the end. The issue was fun and entertaining. Exactly what I wanted today. Judd Winick has written quite a bit of Power Girl with this series and Justice League Generation Lost. You can see that he gets who the character is and I can't express how happy I am that he's finally addressing an issue I've had with the character and her secret identity. It's the beginning of a new story arc and worth checking out. Plus it has Superman and Power Girl fighting dinosaurs!

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