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Yet Another Good Issue

Power Girl is just a fun book. Judd Winick is one of those writers who can inject a lot of good humor into a story without sacrificing action and drama. On the art side, Sani Basri does a fantastic job matching the story tone for tone with appealing action scenes and some great facial expressions. 
Power Girl's investigation of Max Lord, though she keeps forgetting that is who she is chasing, leads her to the labs of New Cadmus and Professor Ivo. This is an issue of mostly monster fighting, making for an action-packed and fun story that this series usually provides. 
There are always bonus treats to reading this series along with Justice League; Generation Lost, because Winick seems to put a lot of thought in splicing the two stories together. Part of a scene in this issue appeared previously in the most recent issue of Generation Lost, but here we see the full scene and its full context. Those kinds of details can really add a new level of enjoyment to stories, and it is something you only get when it is one writer taking the time to really tie it all together. 
The best part of this issue is probably a gag involving Krypto and cloning, but a brief cameo by Batman is also pretty good. 
There were a lot of expressions of doom and gloom when it was announced that Amanda Conner was leaving and Judd Winick was taking this series over. Stuff like that could not have been more wrong. Power Girl has been one of the most consistently entertaining books in DC's stable, and this issue continues that trend.

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