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So who's Maxwell Lord again?

With almost the entire superhero community having not a single clue on who is Maxwell Lord, how is Power Girl going to convince her friends to take action towards him?
What's different from Jimmy Palmiotti's run with Power Girl from Judd Winick is that Winick has been on a serious route with the reintroduction of Maxwell Lord. Winick isn't all serious, adding some brief humor moment in the beginning before getting to the main topic at hand. It's one thing that Power Girl is trying to convince everyone that Maxwell really does exist, but it's another thing that weird memory resets and nightmares keep her from accomplishing this. Fortunately, PG's new sidekick, Nicco, gives her a lead that somehow involves a confrontation with Professor Ivo.

The art team brings yet again, some wonderful artwork. The guest characters like the JSA and Justice League International look great under Sami Basri pencil, and character expressions are what really bring out the series.

This issue of Power Girl ties into Generation Lost. I still don't know how exactly Maxwell was able to write himself out of history ( I know HOW he did it, it's just bizarre, but then again, ever since Maxwell got powers, it's been weird), but I dislike how this is a tie-in to Power Girl in a way.

Overall: I'm still a bit wary on the Generation Lost tie in to Power Girl. I might be a little bit more interested if I actually read the series. I'm going to have to accept the fact that Maxwell Lord will play a role in Power Girl (Now thinking about it, how's that Brightest Day working out for him? Didn't he complete his labor?). He could be PG's Lex Luthor. Nevertheless, decent start.

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