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Even though on the cover they were only mentioned


The cover is the same art that is the comic which is really rare. If you are a Justice League Generation Lost Fan then this cover will make you want to pick this issue up. But as you read this issue you can see those fans are going to be disappointed because they were really not in it just mentioned.


Power girl tell her times with the old JLI and how Max was her friend. She tells everyone now he is evil and has erased everyone’s memories except hers, Booster Gold, Captain Atom, Fire, and Ice. Batman says he believes her. After Power Girl poses for a moment and forget what she was saying and Max has whipped everyone’s memories again. Karen is in her office and her clone comes and kills Nick and then Max kills her. But then Karen wakes up and figures out it was all just a dream. Power Girl goes to Vietnam to find a secret hide out and she finds it and has monsters to battle.

Best Part

Even though I am not a big Justice League Generation Lost fan I think they explain what is happening in that series perfectly. I am also not a big fan of this whole Max Lord story but, in this issue they told it in an interesting way. Also love Nick he makes every issue better when he is in it. He is like Power Girl’s Oracle.

Worst Part

Like I said I am not a big JLGL fan or JLA fan so those parts were totally great but, it was okay.


I really like this art and it might not be good for some series but, it works for this one. I just think it is perfect art for Power Girl.

Pick it up or not

Pick it up!!!

4 out of 5

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