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Cuz, you did go for a groin kick on a ten ton robot.


I’m sorry Power Girl, but you’re not making any sense. Ted Kord shot himself! Lex Luthor hijacked the Omac Project! This Max Lord character you’re talking about doesn’t exist! Everyone here at Comicvine knows this. You’re probably still in shock from losing your company, your friend and having to fight your clone. But if you still insist on going on about this then go ahead in the pages of Power Girl #19. But I promises you PG, you’ll only find out that what I’m saying is true.


 There is no Maxwell Lord.

We open to a flashback of the JLI, being narrated by two people with a third adding comment to their tale. The teams fighting the Royal Flush Gang in the and one of the narrators mentions how Power Girl leads the charge. By this point PG decides to comment on the narration, but the narration goes on as Power Girl comes up against Ace. She’s knocked down and instinctively goes to kick the robot in his action figure style crotch with some explosive results.

Focus on the mission, not on the middle.
Focus on the mission, not on the middle.

  The story comes to an end and we see our narrators for this tales. Ted Kord, Booster Gold and Maxwell Lord. The team laughs and everyone’s in a good mood, but then we move forward to a more serious modern day as Power Girl addresses the JSA All-Stars about Lord. But as to weather they’d believe her or not is a completely different question, to which you’d have to pick up a copy of Power Girl #19 to find out.

Judd Winick once again offers us a great Power Girl issue with the visible ties to his other work in Generation lost ( most notably the title ‘Generation found’ and the properties of Max’s power ). It’s the ties between this series and Generation Lost which allow Winick to produce such good stories but it’s also confusing for readers who only read one of the series and not the other when aspects that have most likely been explained in one series appear in the other ( notably Max’s Power ). That’s the main complaint that I can think of story wise, but other than that Winick did good. Sami Basris art has really grown on me during the past few issues to the point where I can truly appreciate it without drawing links to the Conner style ( though I still miss it ). Basris art has been constantly good through out his run on power girl, and this issue is no different ( though if you look on the cover you can see that Basris dose have some difficulties drawing varying faces on female characters.

sorry ma'm, didn't mean to intrude.
sorry ma'm, didn't mean to intrude.

 PG and Ice’s faces look alike, but that doesn’t really come up ). Colouring wise I wouldn’t say that the colouring is bad, it’s just a bit boring. We need some more out standing coloures to catch out eyes attention otherwise were just glossing over the page to the speech bubbles and not really paying attention to the art, so liven it up Sunny Gho and Jessica Kholinne.

Overall I gave Power Girl #19 a 4/5. It’s a good issue, but it dose seem as though Winick is forgetting that certain plots involving his characters might have been explained in his other series, alienating fans who read this series only. For long time Power Girl fans it’s a worthy buy, and for new readers I’d say pick it up. The Max’s power thing might confuse you ( as it did a few of us veteran readers….. maybe ) but it explains enough of the events from past issues, as well as who Max Lord is for you to understand the gist of things. Worth a buy.


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