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All Is Not Lost....

At this point my enthusiasm and (overall) positive outlook on the series is pretty low. As the last 12 issues solidified my perception of Jimmy and Amanda as the quintessential creative team for Power Girl, I'm even more convinced that no other writer could create such a unique and entertaining book that (imo) fits the character quite well. 
But like it or not it's now up to Winick and Basri to keep this book afloat. I'll admit there are some aspects of his game plan that I'm looking forward to, but I'm not a fan of the new direction for the series. Hopefully the book will last long enough to see if the end result was worth it. 


New Reader Friendly

With this issue acting as a "jumping point" into the series, Winick covers the basics from PG's history to her new life in NYC, but not in that order. For what its worth I thought they did a good job of summarizing her past. Compared to issue #1 this character summary contains a good balance of monologue and artwork that helps to fill in a few gaps (well maybe just one). As they say in other reviews (on other sites), it's usually better to show than tell. 


 Though I have fewer concerns about the artwork after reading this issue, getting use to Basri's style is going to take some time. Still, I hope his art improves somewhat cause his interior work in this issue felt stiff. Adding some more expression to his characters wouldn't hurt. On the plus side, his cover art is great and he draws a pretty decent Power Girl. I'm sure some readers will appreciate his more conservative take on her figure which draws less attention to her chest. He also does a respectable job with Amanda's costume, which is saying a lot compared to most artists renditions.




I didn't think much of it at first, but in a realistic sense PG's new "earrings" are a pretty neat idea. Considering her need to be accessible 24/7 as the head of a company, her priorities as a superhero, and her outfit, this accessory is a lot more convenient for her than the average cell phone. 



Winick's PG

 Unfortunately this minor accomplishment is overshadowed by Winick's blown portrayal of PG in this very scene. This failed attempt to add humor really put a damper on his depiction of her character. (Prezzies? Are you kidding me?)
 Based on Winicks first attempt on page 1 (which was quite successful), he seems to understand that a lot of the humor in the last 12 issues comes from the supporting cast (when appropriate) and random characters like everyday citizens etc. Comedic elements like dry humor, sarcasm, and pop culture references are some of the best ways to use Power Girl for laughs. But giving her lines more suited for Harley Quinn?

Where's the staff?

 Now maybe I'm having trouble identifying everyone through Basri's art but it seems that Simon is the only member of the original staff left which is very disappointing. I mean doesn't it make sense to keep the old crew around so they can grow and develop with the main character and her world? That's how its done in most solo comics is it not?


Change can be a good thing, but often times change starts with an uncomfortable transition that can be difficult to accept. For me that was Power Girl #13. That's not to say this issue was a total loss, it has its good points but it was a rough ride non the less. Still, you can't judge a writers run on the first issue which is why I recommend PG #13 to readers who plan on sticking around for a while. As unimpressed as I was with this issue I'm not going to hit the panic button.........yet.

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