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A new team takes on Power Girl 0

The trio team of Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray is gone. Now the torch of Power Girl goes to a new team consisting of Judd Winick and Sami Basri. So how does this new team fair?  Pros:  I have to comment on the artwork first. This is a HUGE departure from Amanda's Conner's work. You can even tell with the cover. But that doesn't mean its bad. I'm not familiar with Sami Basri's works, but I do like his somewhat realistic like approach to Power Girl and the supporting characters. T...

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Review: Power Girl #13 0

Power Girl suffers attacks in both her secret and superheroic identities, as she combats OMACs seemingly activated by the resurrected Maxwell Lord at the same time one of her employees betrays her company.  The Good Power Girl's one of those titles that really need a clean, appealing style, especially after Amanda Conner's crisp work has become so strongly identified with the character. I really thought that'd be too tough an act to follow, but Basri handily c...

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Cautious Optimism for Winick & Basri's Power Girl 1

Plot & Action: Judd Winick follows up on story threads from...his own series "Justice League: Generation Lost." It definitely feels like an issue one as Winick crafts a story that showcases who Power Girl is to new readers as she assists in the hunt for Maxwell Lord while running Starrware Industries. Aside from a brief appearance of Terra, the ties to the Palmiotti, Gray, Conner days isn't apparent. Of course, since we know what happens with Max Lord, Winick has to throw in some sort of twi...

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I am so not hitting on you 0

Oh, Palmiotti and Conner you shall be missed from your run of Power girl. *sniffle* but* even more sniffle* we must be strong *snort* and brave on with this new team of Judd Winick and Sami Basri. So Power girl #13 introduces us to the new team, and where their taking us with the character. And where exactly are tehy taking us with the character, well ummmmm taking us to a stpry thats related to their other work Justice league Generation lost. Yeh...... well every creation team needs a base to s...

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I feel, strangley pleased! 0

Let me start off by saying that Power Girl before this, was one of my favorite books, for a year. Almost every issue delivered a fun story, with  amazing artwork. I was so p----- about the creative team change, I had so much fun reading Power Girl before this, I love Judd Winnick almost to death, but he's nothing compared to Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti writing Power Girl. Sami Basri's art had nothing on me especially next to Amanda Connor. The story connects with Power Girl's teammates in th...

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Something I Want to See More of. 0

  When I first picked up Power Girl I had no idea what I was getting into. I knew nothing about this character other than the fact that she existed. I wasn’t exactly taking a leap of faith here though. After reading Gotham City Sirens I found myself wanting to learn more about the women of the DC Comic Universe. Now I’m glad I picked up issue 13 because now I have a new heroine added to my Pull List. What I Liked: I loved the story line of Issue 13 the most. It’s more of a recap of events that h...

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All Is Not Lost.... 3

At this point my enthusiasm and (overall) positive outlook on the series is pretty low. As the last 12 issues solidified my perception of Jimmy and Amanda as the quintessential creative team for Power Girl, I'm even more convinced that no other writer could create such a unique and entertaining book that (imo) fits the character quite well.  But like it or not it's now up to Winick and Basri to keep this book afloat. I'll admit there are some aspects of his game plan that I'm looking forward to,...

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The Fun Starts Here... 0

I'm finally getting back into the swing of things with this whole comic book collecting nonsense and despite the considerable chunk it takes out of my spending cash, it is well worth the sacrifice.  That being said, even in my more dedicated days of comic reading, there's one thing I've never consistently been... and that's a DC reader.  I like a lot of DC characters, sure, and I truly appreciate the lore and current happenings of the Universe, but I find it, as a whole, to be a lot more difficu...

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