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PG gets some well deserved R&R....sorta.

After saving Terra from Ultra-Humanite, Power Girl takes a break from the world by hanging out with Terra in her underground world and afterward, balances her civilian life with her superhero life.
The development with almost all the characters from issue 1 to now either wraps up, grow stronger, or heats up. We see Terra and Kara bond more, the situation with Satanna, Fisher (the kid who blackmailed Power Girl (issue 9-10)) move on with his life, the (short) return Vartox (issues 7-8), the three space chicks (issue 4-6), Kara's company, and even her cat! Note that all of this is in this one issue! Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Grey just seem to know what they want with the characters.
The dialogue, as usual, works as well. I love the humor that goes with it along with PG inner monologues.
The artwork in this series is as usual what makes Power Girl fun to read. In this one issue, it brings out everything in this series: the humor, personality, action, tone, facial expression, and yes, sex appeal. However, like the previous issues, the sex appeal is not to the point where it undermine Power Girl's character. I hear this is Amanda Conner's last issue for Power Girl, and with this issue, I believe she went all out bringing all the skills she presented from the 11 issues. I hope in future, Conner will come back.
I didn't find anything wrong with this issue. It has everything that made the last 11 issues fun to read: its funny, has an interesting plots, or in this case, a wrap up of plots, and balanced. If anything I'm just sad to see Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Grey leave as the writers and Amanda Conner go as the artist.
Overall, Power Girl contiunes to be why this is my favorite comic book series to read when it comes to Superman titles. This also wrap up the creative team of Conner, Palmiotti and Grey. As I said before, while I am sad that this is three last issue together (hopefully not for long), I am interested to what Judd Winick and Sami Basri will bring for Power Girl.

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