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boob window gets traded in..

I have been with this series from day one and my main motivation for following it has always been the creative team of Gray, Palmiotti, CONNER, and Mounts.  The writing is witty and has social relevance.  The art well what can I say that already hasn't been said about Amanda Conner.  She is a superstar!  The visual end of the book would not be complete if it wasn't for Paul Mounts.  His coloring made the visuals dance every month.  Cheers to all of you and you will be missed!   
Well now my gushing is done how is this issue.... well the wait is over here we go! 
The wonderful and powerful Power Girl finds herself with a few relaxing moments.  Heartwarming would not be the right word but kind of a cross between a Hallmark TV special and a rated R movie.  The humor that has been prevalent throughout the first 11 issues is not lost here.  In fact I think that Jimmy and Justin do a fine job of touching on all of the threads that have been running and masterfully bring them to a conclusion without leaving us at a brick wall.   This series will continue and I am willing to give the new team a go, but I will only stay if the quality doesn't drop.  Winnick has his work cut out for him. 
The Art this issue is as stunning as always.  Let me tell you if you love Power Girl just for her suit you'll love what she gets into in this issue.   WOW!  No I'm not a misogynist but one must notice beauty when it smacks you in the face.  Everything is follows smoothly and Mounts' colors match Conners drawing as perfect as ever.   
This book and the previous 11 get a very strong recommend from me!  Go get them before they are all gone and hey if they are get the trades.   
5 out of 5

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