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Power To Gray, Palmiotti, and Conner

Plot & Action: Being the last issue of Gray, Palmiotti, and Conner, I shouldn't be surprised that progression is kept to a minimum. There's resolution on a lot of fronts: We get the Atlee, Kara friendship tie, Ultra-Humanite update, Satanna update, and the wrap-up of Fisher (red-haired kid)'s storyline. Vartox pops in some, and something happens at Kara's company to set the stage for the next creative team on all fronts. It's a nice little reminder of what this group has done for Power Girl over the past year, but don't look for a lot of progression.

Character Work: It's your typical humor-laced issue. Nothing blew me away, but I didn't not like it either. Kara's the focus, as it should be, and I love that the writers gave her a personality which is on display here (opinions on friends, family, her cat, etc). Like I said, nothing that blew me away but solid stuff still.

The Art Team: I've long-praised Conner's work on this series, and that won't change here. She's been a delight, and I'll miss her most of all. Her style really helps capture the humorous tone of Power Girl, and set it apart from a lot of other monthlys. Even this issue's gratuitous amount of TnA works because it's not the focus (like some artists would have it be). You're drawn to the facial reactions - which are among the best in the industry. That really sums up what Conner's done best: She's given this world a personality beyond the boob window.

Generally Speaking: The issue wasn't great because it was more about wrapping up storylines and setting the table for next month. However, it was strong in reminding the reader how far the character has come and how many characters have been established in Power Girl's universe. I only became a fan of this series because of the creative team. That's as big a compliment I can hand out. I'll probably stick with the book and see if the new team will put in the work and effort to continue developing Kara, but I'll miss Gray, Palmiotti, and Conner.

The issue's solid, and I'd recommend it if you've been reading the run. If they collect these 12-issues then I definitely recommend people picking that up. It's been a good year for Power Girl, and the creative team deserves all the recognition they get for this run.

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