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Power Boy is a character created by Steve Lightle as a part of the DC Comics published comic series the Legion of Superheroes. Power Boys first appearance was in Superboy & the Legion #240, June 1978.

Bronze Age Origin

In the 30th century, Jedediah Rikane was a student in the Legion Academy, a training program developed and financed by the United Planets super-team - the Legion of Super-Heroes, based on Earth. Jed was born with control over his body's density, an ability that gives him super-strength, partial invulnerability, and purple skin.

He remained at the Academy for many years, taking part in several training missions and waiting patiently for a chance to tryout for the Legion of Super-Heroes. Jed would even stand ready to back up the Legion when necessary, helping friends in need, and pestering whomever necessary to get a tryout with the Legion. He finally got his shot in 2986, but he was rejected, and though he stayed at the Academy, he lost any hope of being a Legionnaire at that time. He decided to stay at the Academy anyway, participating in many more training missions and sessions.

5 Years Later

In post-Crisis continuity, Jed Rikane went on to fulfill the ominous destiny of Power Boy. When the Legion Academy became the United Planets Militia Academy, Rikane joined Chuck and Luornu Taine on Xolnar.

Jed decided to continue on with the changes in the Academy. He soon became an instructor in the United Planets Militia Academy on Xolnar where eventually he was killed by a Khund warrior commando while defending its pluridium mines.

A version of Jedediah is later seen in a group of Legionnaires pulled from alternate worlds to fight the Time Trapper. In the altered continuity that results from that Crisis, Power Boy reappears as a living member of the Academy, and begins a relationship with fellow student Gravity Kid.

Powers and Abilities

Jed was born a mutant with particular control over his body's density which as he gains mass his physical attributes increase dynamically. This mass altering property to his powers causes a few specific effects including the ability of superhuman strength, a moderate amount of invulnerability, and a purple skin tone. The increase in his mass also changes his physical appearance causing Jed to have a massively muscled body and a stocky appearance.


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