Powdered Toast Man

    Character » Powdered Toast Man appears in 14 issues.

    He is the Superhero of the Ren and Stimpy show. His alter-ego is pastor Toastman a cool youth deacon, but when he needs to transform he shouts out "powered toast maaaaaaaan!". His Catchphrase/slogan is "Leave everything to me!"

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    Powers and Abilities

    Powdered Toast Man can fly, either by releasing flatulence, by inserting his head into a special toaster and launching from it, or merely by pushing off from the ground. Importantly, he flies backwards. He can also hover in mid-air. Offensive abilities include high-velocity raisins shot from his mouth, hyper-corrosive croûtons fired from his armpit, butter pats that are launched from the top of his head, and hyper-acidic marmalade from his navel. 
    He also has the ability to make powdered toast taste better by farting on it

     Toast man can detect or be notified of danger in several ways  via his tongue phone, the inflation of his costume briefs , the dissipation of the toast particles in his head "his version of spidey-sence" , or the reading of emergency messages encoded in slices of olive loaf. 


    Disguise/ Headquarters

    As Pastor Toastman, he wears a disguise  composed of a pair of thick black spectacles and a pastor's collar, Pastor Toastman's office also serves as powdered toass mans headquarters, and he is assisted by "Catholic High School Girl" theres a suggested romantic link.


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