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    Potira is Yara's ally and friend and was an Amazon in DC's Future State.

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    Potira was created by Joëlle Jones for DC's Future State event. She made her first appearance in Future State: Wonder Woman #2 - Hell To Pay Part Two.


    Future State

    Potira first appeared in DC's Future State event as an Amazon who had died. Yara Flor was on a quest to travel to the Underworld to bring her back to life. Despite her attempts, Potira told her that her destiny was to remain in the Underworld, even when Yara was given an opportunity to bring her back. Yara was forced to abandon this journey and was devastated by her loss.

    Infinite Frontier

    Potira made her debut into the mainstream DC universe in Wonder Girl #3. She appeared as a friend of Yara's who knew her, even though Yara didn't remember her.


    Meeting Yara

    When Yara Flor returned to Brazil before she meant to become Hera's champion, Potira appeared to her. she claimed that they knew each other, even though Yara didn't remember her. Potira showed her. vision of Themyscira years ago. Specifically a vision of Yara's mother, who joined a tribe in Brazil. Potira told Yara to join that same tribe when Artemis and Cassie Sandsmark arrived.

    Meeting Cassie

    After Artemis stormed off due to her confrontation with Yara, Cassie apologized to Potira about her behavior. Potira assured her it was fine and the two talked which ended up in Potira revealing Cassie of a third tribe of warrior women - this tribe was Esquecida. Potira took Cassie to meet her tribe in the city of Akahim. Potira told her about her tribe's plans to battle the Amazons on Themyscira and then revealed to Cassie that Donna Troy was their "one last weapon".

    Powers and Abilities

    In Infinite Frontier, Potira showcased a power that allowed her to give other people visions of the past.

    In Future State, she was an Amazon and was skilled with many weapons and hand-to-hand combat.

    Personal Information


    • Hair Color: Black
    • Eye Color: Black


    • Occupation: Warrior
    • Martial Status: Single

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