Character » Potiphar appears in 8 issues.

    A mercenary, assassin, and fiercely patriotic Egyptian national that's been active in Middle-Eastern affairs for over twenty years, this mass murderer has found himself in the Medusa Web's employ of late, and he gleefully does the Web's dirty work when no one else can get the job done.

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    Nungali Kashab, the man known to his targets as Potiphar, is a very dangerous man, as it is his job to kill people... and he's extremely good at it. He's named for the Biblical executioner to the Pharaohs, a name that helps to strike fear into his quarry - those that know the reference, at any rate.

    He's been a professional mercenary and assassin for all of his adult life, and for a large portion of his time before adulthood. He's an operative of the Medusa Web, but little of his story is known before the published accounts of his time with that group - which is probably a good thing.

    He was first seen when he accompanied a large number of Medusa Web operatives in their mission to capture Psi-Force in San Diego, a job that he helped to succeed by viciously shooting down Kathy Ling, that group's telekinetic paranormal, with a full auto burst from his (currently) favorite gun.

    She would've died if not for her healer companion, who managed to patch up the series of holes Potiphar put in her torso. He was next seen during an odd Medusa Web operation where he was to recover some stolen nerve gas from Iranian agents, and return them to the Iraqi forces that originally purchased them.

    Potiphar recovered the gas all too easily, decimating the Iranians in the progress, but when the Iraqis arrived to collect the goods, he killed all of them after he was paid; he has a thing against Iraqis, it would seem - and this was even before all that Desert Storm mess took place.

    His next op teamed him with Troublemaker and Skybreaker in the recovery of Jake Travest, the current Spitfire, in order to acquire a schematic of the Mark 3 M.A.X. armor. Easily defeating Travest's Canadian jailers, the three Web agents freed him and took him to the government warehouse holding the armor.

    Believing the Web men to be American agents, he gave them the M.A.X. schematic so they could help him fix it, at which point they blew up the suit, the warehouse it was being kept in, and Travest - all in order to cover both their tracks and the knowledge that they now had M.A.X. technological capability.

    Potiphar's next mission saw him teamed up with most all of the Medusa Web and the paranormal vigilante known as Justice, in order to free the paranormal group known as Psi-Force from the Siberian Project, deep in the heart of the U.S.S.R.

    While there, he had killed Sillatochca ('Force Point', a psychokinetic member of the Soviet paranormal strike force known as Red Sun). After this was accomplished, Potiphar joined in with the rest of the Medusa Web, Psi-Force, Justice, and Red Sun in their effort to kill Rodstvow.

    After all, it wanted to kill all of them, and just about everybody else on the planet.

    After all this mayhem, Potiphar helped to train the paranormals in Psi-Force in military operations, as they'd just joined the Medusa Web, and he was more than good at such things, having been trained by the Web as well as the K.G.B. in that area of expertise. His further exploits have yet to be revealed...


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