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Brief History

Postmortem was a cyborg scientist working for Dracula inside the thirteenth floor of the Chrysler Building where they were creating the next generation of vampires through nanites which were techno-viruses that rewrote the genetic structure of the hosts through the bloodstream. Bible John had a dream and told his friend, Blade to look into the Chrysler Building. Blade decided to investigate and discovered the hidden lab on the thirteenth floor. Blade was confronted by the cyborg doctor who was in charge of Project Postmortem for the past few decades. Postmortem attacked Blade with his chainsaw hand and laser scalpel. Blade was able to plug the laser scalpel with a perfectly thrown dagger causing it to explode where Postmortem died during the explosion.


Postmortem was created by Terry Kavanagh and Douglas Wheatley in 1995 and first appeared in Blade # 10.

Powers & Abilities

Postmortem is a cyborg with a chainsaw attached to his left limb and a laser scalpel attached on his right limb.


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