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    A Mutant who was the one who tried to assasinate Robert Kelly for the second time.

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    Kevin Tremain was a mutant CIA agent captured and studied by the Chinese villain the Mandarin. The Mandarin would subject Tremain to dangerous and painful experiments intending to use the mutant as a template for an army of mutant soldiers. On a secret mission, the Six Pack attacked the secret base Tremain was held in. Kevin was mortally injured and Cable tried to keep him alive by first using his telekinesis to keep his body together then by giving him a blood transfusion. Although it seems he survived this trauma, Cable seemed to think Tremain had later died. Years later Tremain resurfaced as Post as one of Onslaught's men but as one of the lowest of his men. Onslaught forced Gateway to teleport Cyclops, Iceman, Storm and Wolverine to an area so that Post could "test" them. The four managed to defeat Post and were transported back to the Mansion. Later, Post attacked Cable, who instantly recognized his identity as Tremain. Post defeated Cable and left him for the Hulk. Post was later charged with ensuring the Sentinels would launch, and battled X-Force and succeded in protecting the Sentinels, but Onslaught and Post were later defeated.

    Post was one of the mutants who attacked Robert Kelly but was killed by his fellow mutant Pyro who saved Kelly from Post. Pyro then died of the Legacy Virus but only after he asked Kelly to give up his mutant hating agenda. 


    Post (Kevin Tremain) is a Marvel comic book character who first appears in X-Men #50. Created by Scott Lobdell and Andy Kubert the character first appears in 1996. 

    Powers and Abilities

    Kevin Tremain was a mutant that possessed superhuman levels of strength as well as incredible mathematical and analytical skills. His mutant abilities would be further mutated and altered, first by Mandarin's experiments, and by the techno-organic virus. Transformed by Onslaught into Post, Tremain would possess enhanced abilities as well as additional powers and abilities. Now a cybernetic powerhouse possessed of body armor, a cloaking device, advanced sensor plates and bio-cybernetic weaponry that responded to his mental commands. His sensors, some of which hovered around him, recorded and transmitted all battle data back to him, allowing him to utilize his mutant analytical talent to discern the best plan of attack. Onslaught also granted Post immunity against telepaths. 

    Physical Characteristics  
    Height: 8' 3" 
    Weight: 2010 lbs
    Eyes: Red 
    Hair: Black

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