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    Positron is the radioactive Hero from the Freedom Phalanx, he uses his power suit to protect the innocent and has become a mentor to many young heroes.

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    Major Story Arcs

    Dr. Raymond Keyes used to be a leading scientist who worked for Crey industries. A little absent minded when he is confronted by science and his work, he remained oblivious to Crey's ulterior motives and worked hard on the power suit project that was funded by Crey industries. He obliviously believed that the suit would be used for good: rescue operations, disaster relief or even protection in the event of a nuclear disaster.

    What he did not know was that this was one of Crey's early attempts at creating power armor for ulterior motives. These were the early days and Crey had not yet made any moves that would reveal themselves as a villainous corporation out for super powered control over the masses. The suit was to be used for this purpose: to be used by their agents.

    Fortunately for the world, with this being one of the most powerful super-powered battlesuits ever developed, decades ahead of its time even to this day, chance placed Synapse in danger at this time in Crey technologies. Steve Berry ( Synapse) had undergone experimentation against his will in Crey technologies as Crey made the first moves to push ahead their plan for world corporate domination. Escaping from his captors after the procedure to give him superpowers, he rushed to the only place he could think of for help: Keyes lab. Collapsing into his arms, he was soon pursued by the Crey agents who barged in, guns drawn. Keyes backed off, only to jump into his experimented battlesuit in order to save his friend, and fought them off. He then destroyed his research notes and escaped from the lab, his friend in his arms. He went on to become the hero named Positron.

    The Aftermath of the Rikti War

    Positron was one of the surviving eight: heroes who survived the Rikti war. However even he was not a true survivor: the damage caused to his suit caused its powers to become unstable and his body was turned into living radioactive energy. To safeguard his own life, and even more to him: the lives of all around him, he remained sealed in the suit, never having to breathe, eat, drink or even sleep in his new state. Merely opening his suit would cause him to be released in a nuclear explosion: killing all around him, and so he remained sealed in his self made prison. He kept himself sane by continuing to actively help others as a hero and pumping his extra time into his work, contributing many scientific breakthrough's to help the entire world.

    Recent events

    Positron found an unexpected cure to his radiation state in his own death. He was killed in battle and then resurrected in his old body, freeing him from his condition.


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