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Little is known of the porcelain assassin called Porcelain Doll. She first appeared on the shores of Oolong Island. The unfortunate Science Squad member who found her, Dr. Dread, was shredded by her ability to fire razor sharp minuscule shards of porcelain at high velocities at victims. Following use, she is repaired by tiny blue beings who she keeps in a side satchel.

She was sent to Oolong Island by Mr. Somebody to assassinate Niles Caulder. However, she was defeated by the Doom Patrol, who attacked her at close range before her shards were able to pick up momentum. The Science Squad kept her on the island behind a forcefield as the Doom Patrol tracked down who sent her via tracking source of the teleport tech that had sent her to the island.

Her little helpers stopped the forcefield by getting into the circuitry. Before she could assault any of the Science Squad members, she was teleported away by Ambush Bug. Porcelain Doll is later seen in what appears to be her room, decorated with a large picture of the folkloric Humpty Dumpty and several shelves of eggs. She can replenish her little helpers by cracking open of the eggs. The helpers are tied to proximity with her - when she is far away, they die.

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