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Popular Publications was founded in 1930 by Henry Steeger and Harold S. Goldsmith. In 1942 the firm acquired the properties of the Frank A Munsey Co. and in 1949, they picked up the rights to several of Street & Smith's pulps. In 1972 the company's rights were sold to Blazing Publications.

The characters that were originally published by Popular Publications were:

Captain Combat

Captain Satan (Popular Publications, Moonstone)

Captain V

Captain Zero (Popular Publications, Moonstone)

Dr. Yen Sin

Dusty Ayers

G-8 (Popular Publications, Gold Key, Moonstone)

The Octopus (Popular Publications version) The Scorpion (one shot villian pulps)

Operator No. 5 (Popular Publications, Moonstone, Dynamite)

Secret 6 (Popular Publications version) (Moonstone)

The Spider (Popular Publications, Moonstone, Dynamite)

Wu Fang

Many of the characters have seperate pages while others do not.


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