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Popular Comics #5: Good Stuff!

Published by Dell Comics, Popular Comics continues to reprint popular Sunday-edition newspaper strips.  From comedy (Reg'lar Fellas), to Action (Terry and the Pirates), to drama (Little Orphan Annie), this comic book has something for almost everyone!
New to this issue is the comic strip Tippie, which showcases a (usually in pantomime) the crazy doing of the dog Tippie.  Very funny!  This issue also loses two strips: Gasoline Alley (a shame, as it is good) and Baby Sister (no loss).
The humor was pretty hit and miss this issue, but the adventure strips were all picking up the slack, making me excited to read their next installments next issue. I'm especially intrigued by The Gumps, Little Orphan Annie, and Dick Tracy (an amazing comic strip I had never read before reading through Popular Comics).  From a child being lost in the arctic, to an invention that can change the world, to dangerous crime...these strips have it all for me!
There are also several pages of magic tricks, Ripley's Believe it or Not, and some prose, rounding out this good collection.
If you are a fan of comic strips from the 1930's, or have always wanted to try them out, I recommend this issue.

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