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    Only female member of Teenage Kix.

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    Popclaw is a member of the Teenage Kix, an edgy alternative styled teenage superhero team. The team despite its public appearance as superheroes who fight evil, actually indulges in less than savory behavior and actions, including large orgies and doing drugs, and stealing from hospitals. When the anti superheroes team the Boys and their leader Butcher decided to make an example out of the Teenage Kix, Popclaw is one of the members of the team who has incriminating photos taken of her. Popclaw is photographed practicing self-mutilation. The Teenage Kix are sent a package of incriminating materials with a note essentially forcing one of them to go public with their indiscretions. Popclaw manages to keep her secret confidential as Shout Out is chosen as the member forced to come out as gay. Popclaws teammates are Big Game, leader of the Teenage Kix, Blarney Cock, Gunpowder, DogKnott, Shout Out, and Whack Job. In a confrontation with the Boys when the Teenage Nix realized it was Butcher blackmailing them, Popclaw was seriously injured in an encounter with the dangerous Female.


    Popclaw is a Dynamite Entertainment character created by writer Garth Ennis and artist Darick Robertson. She first appears in The Boys #4 released in 2006. She is a parody of Scandal Savage as stated by Garth Ennis but is often mistaken for an X 23 parody. She is also a lesbian who forced humans to do indecent acts in front of her.

    Powers and Abilities

    It is unknown whether Popclaw has been subjected to Compound V, however, she does possess a retractable sharp metal blade.

    In Other Media


    The Boys

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    Popclaw appears in the 2019 Amazon show, The Boys, portrayed by Brittany Allen.

    After The Boys capture Translucent, he informs them that The Seven member, A-Train is involved romantically with Popclaw which leads them to spy on her. They discover that she uses the drug Compound V and they blackmail her into revealing the supplier where her boyfriend A-Train gets his supply.

    After The Boys kill the drug dealers and the police discover the location, A-Train suspects that Popclaw was the one who informed The Boys and he continuously asks her to tell him the truth. Despite denying any knowledge for a prolonged period of time, eventually, Popclaw confesses that she was indeed the one who informed The Boys about the location of Compound V and he subsequently murders her by using his super-speed to inject her with a heroin overdose.


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