Character » Pooka appears in 26 issues.

    Pooka was a goblin cat discovered by Tarot, and eventually became her familiar. Though he is very mischievous, Tarot still refuses to let harm come upon him.

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    Major Story Arcs

    Witch War

    At Witch Hollow in Salem, Massachusetts a youthful and fair woman gazes at her Tarot cards, watched by her familiar, Pooka.

    As she walks through the castle she is followed by a flying Pooka. The cat seems to feel it has no purpose besides following Tarot wherever she goes but when she departs from the mansion for battle, Pooka is left behind to remain with Tarot's Mother.

    When Tarot returns, with Skeleton Man in tow, she explains everything to him while in the kitchen and after their conversation is over he finds himself needing to return to his room to get his costume.

    He asks for the location of his room and Tarot tells him not to worry, as Pooka will lead him there. Jon seems a little afraid of meeting Pooka when suddenly the goblin cat flies right into his face and he shouts in surprise, "You have a flying cat?"

    Tarot smiles at him asking, "Doesn't every witch?" Jon admits he doesn't know and that it's easily possible so regaining his composure he follows Pooka as he leads Jon to his room.

    Later on in the story arc, Pooka plays an important role, for when Raven Hex leaves both Tarot and Jon trapped in the tower, entangled by vines that sprouted from goblin ghouls and unable to free themselves because of a binding spell, it is Pooka who rescues them, using claws to destroy the pumpkins holding them captive and release both of the heroes.

    Cold Spell

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    It is revealed that Pooka has fathered several children with the Queen's unnamed familiar. This grants Tarot and Raven Hex their freedom after they were captured by the Queen.


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