Ponda Baba

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    Aqualish criminal who attacked Luke Skywalker in the Mos Eisley cantina. His arm was cut off by Obi-Wan Kenobi's lightsaber. He is the former partner of Dr. Evazan and he doesn't like you.

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    Ponda Baba was an Aqualish pirate and thug. Like most of his species he was known to be very short tempered. Hi illegal activities would run him afoul of jodo-kast on Corellia. He was saved by his future partner in crime, Cornelius Evazan. There was a rather large bounty on Evazan, but rather than collect it he agreed to run spice with his new partner. While in Chalmun's Cantina on Tatooine, a drunk Ponda Baba would accost Luke Skywalker. Despite Luke's efforts to avoid confrontation Ponda attacked him at the cost of his arm. Evazan tried to replace his arm which resulted in near lethal failure. Ponda Baba recovered and swore vengeance on his now former partner.

    The two would reconcile after Evazan promised Ponda Baba a new body using his mind swapping machine. The two lured an Andoan Senator into the machine and trapped him there. The machine worked, but the senator in Baba's body chased them to the roof of their building with a thermal detonator. They escaped and the senator died as had their partnership. Ponda Baba would later end up on the wrong side of the Corellian Security Force for attacking settlements on a nearby planet. The Corellian forces hired a spacer who was successful in capturing Ponda Baba.

    Other Media

    Ponda Baba appears in several Star Wars parodies and video games.

    • Family Guy Blue Harvest.
    • Robot Chicken Star Wars
    • Lego Star Wars II: the Original Trilogy

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