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Pomoxis is named after the taxonomic name of a fish. The common English-language  name is "crappie". The name derives from Greek "poma" (cover, plug) and "oxis" (sharp). 
He initially introduced himself to Aquaman as an ally. He asked the hero for help in investigating a series of mysterious explosions in the vicinity of Atlantis. During their joined mission, Pomoxis threw Arthur in a spiraling vortex. Arthur ended up in the 5th century BC, involved in the Greco-Persian Wars. Back in the present, Pomoxis somehow assumed Aquaman's appearance. He informed fellow Atlanteans of Pomoxis having died in the mission. 
He used the heroic reputation of Aquaman to perform pirate raids on ships of the surface-dwellers. Most targets were first looted and then sunk. The Atlanteans were unaware of his actual activities. Aqualad investigated and confronted the impostor. However Pomoxis easily defeated and tied up the younger Atlantean. He then left Garth stranded on a surface location, where the youth was expected to die of dehydration.  
The return of Arthur Curry from the past forced Pomoxis to duel with his predecessor. He put up a good fight using his animal-control powers, favoring the use of swordfish, but was defeated. He was taken to Atlantis for punishment. Instead he was next able to stage a coup d'etat against Stamar, reigning King of Atlantis. Pomoxis usurped the throne and had Arthur and Garth imprisoned. The two soon escaped and staged a counter-coup. Pomoxis has not been seen since his deposition. 
Like all Atlanteans, Pomoxis is amphibious but needs regular contact with the sea to remain healthy. His body is durable enough to withstand the pressures of the sea depths. His strength and stamina are superhuman to an unknown degree. He was a low-level telepath, an ability widespread in his people for communication.   While Pomoxis took advantage of a time vortex for his purposes, he was not depicted as controlling. His method of assuming Aquaman's form was not explained.

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