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Polka-Dot Man battled Batman and Robin. He captured Robin, who later escaped. Polka-Dot Man was then sent to prison.

He later battled Nightwing and Batgirl, but lost.

Next he battled the Gotham police and was brutalised by Harvey Bullock. He was put into traction, then filled a brutality suit against the police department, which resulted in Harvey seeing a psychiatrist for a while. He later recovered.

It is mentioned he lost to Batman again.

He is one of the villains working for General Immortus in the aftermath of Final Crisis. His head was crushed by a falling manhole lid during a battle against Human Flame and Seductress.

Powers and Abilities

Polka-Dot Man uses his bizzare suit for his criminal endavours. Whether he created it, stole or some thing else is unknown. His colored spots have been used as weapons(ex:fireball), transportation and etc. He's been seen using a bat. He has poor athletic skills. His suit has supposedly been uprgraded.

In other media


Batman the Brave and the Bold

Polka-Dot Man in Batman the Brave and the Bold
Polka-Dot Man in Batman the Brave and the Bold

Polka-Dot Man appears on Batman the Brave and the Bold TV series. He first appearance in episode "Legend of the Dark Mite" as an illusion that Bat-Mite fights when he becomes Batman. Polka-Dot Man is defeated when the real Batman jumps in three do ts in this uniform, causing him to "TILT" like a pinball machine and shut down. He later reappears in "A Bat Divided!" playing billiards against the Zodiac Master and Zebra-Man at a shady Gotham City "8 Bar", a known haunt for third-rate costumed villains, which is soon crashed by three atomic counterparts of Batman and the superpowered hero Firestorm. He also makes cameo appearances in "Mayhem of the Music Meister!", in "Joker: The Vile and the Villainous" where he was seen at the bar where the bad guys hang out and in series finale "Mitefall" on wrap party for the whole series cast in the Bat Cave.

The LEGO Batman Movie

Polka-Dot Man appears in a silent cameo in The LEGO Batman Movie. In the film, he is one of the many villains who ally themselves with Joker.


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