Character » Poliwhirl appears in 35 issues.

    A Water type Pokemon.

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    they are capable of living in or out of water they sweat to keep their body slimy. a notable fact when a poliwag evolve to a poliwhirl their swirl changes from counter clockwise to clockwise.

    Height: 1m 3'4''

    Weight: 20kg 44lbs


    Poliwhirl has two different evolutions. They evolve into poliwrath by a water stone. They evolved into Politoed by a king's rock. In the games in order for them to be a politoad they need a king's rock and be traded. In the anime they evolve just by wearing the king's rock

    Notable Poliwhirl

    Misty's Poliwhirl: won contest with hers . evolved into Politoed with king's rock that ash wonned in a tornament


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