Police Comics #1

    Police Comics » Police Comics #1 released by Quality Comics on August 1, 1941.

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    Police Comics is an anthology of stories.  Here are the features in this comic in order.

    1. Firebrand: Firebrand uncovers a jewelry smuggler and forces him to donate his jewels to charity.
    2. 711: An origin story of how 711 got to be a superhero when he was sent to prison to protect a friend and was given the number 711.  He then escaped from prison only to have no where to go, and instead uses his connections in prison to stop a thief as the hero 711.
    3. Super Snooper: Super Snooper is bested by one of D. M Balm's carnivorous plants in hand to hand combat and poker.
    4. Eagle Evens:  Eagle and Snap Smith do reconnaissance on the Axis powers.  Not getting anywhere with the English Army Eagle enlists the help of the Lion of Judah to help him take out the Nazi's new ally Ali Harid.
    5. Sword: Chic Carter (the Sword) is sent to cover Curtis Randal giving his art to the museum.  Curtis invites everyone who stands to inherit money from him just to tell them he will not leave them with anything.  This results in his murder and the murder of just about everyone except Chic, Harvey Randall and Betty Randal.  Harvey trying to frame Betty fights till the end with the sword.
    6. Plastic Man:  The origin of Plastic Man starts out with the crook known as the Eel who is abandoned by his comrades and later taken in to a sanctuary called Rest-Haven.  There Plastic Man comes to grips with his past and decides to turn over a new leaf as the Plastic Man.  He then goes out to be a Superhero, starting with the comrades that left him behind.
    7. Steele Karrigan: An origin story of an ordinary man who is tricked into being a lookout man and getting ten year sentence to prison.  He serves three before being paroled for saving the warden life during a riot.  On the street however he is still seen as an ex-con by both the police and criminals.
    8. Mouthpiece: Peg Leg Friel has been bringing in illegal immigrants to the country.  That would make him a criminal but he took things a step farther.  Once the immigrants were on board they were bound in chains.  If they were not spotted he would let them go.  If he was spotted he through every man and woman overboard letting the chains seal their doom.  Mouthpiece uses a string of methods to finally corner Peg Leg and give him a taste of his own medicine.
    9. Vengeance: A short story about revenge.  One man gets so angry with another that he plots his revenge.  He waits however until his nemesis has a wife and four kids.  He then kills them one by one until the father can no longer take it and kills himself.  With his revenge complete the murderer also kills himself.
    10. Phantom Lady: A weapons scientist creates a formula for explosives and is kidnapped and grilled for the information.  The Phantom Lady goes after the kidnappers and saves the scientist
    11. Dewey Drip: A one page comic strip.  Dewey gets a letter that turns out to be form the draft board.  Once he reads the letter he finds out that people will actually pay his to feud, and he excitedly heads off for his enrollment.
    12. Human Bomb:  Roy Lincoln and his father create an explosive that could destroy all of New York.  They are then attacked by men working for the Axis and Roy's father is immediately killed.  Fearing the men will get control of the explosive Roy swallows it and absorbs it's power.  Making him the Human Bomb.  In the scuffle that follows He punches one of the tugs that turns into and explosion killing everyone but Roy.  He then finds out who is behind the death of his father and pays him a visit this time the punch is no accident and the crime boss dies in the explosion.

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    Plastic Man Was Actually Cool. 0

    Wearing the clubbing shirt This comic had twelve features, most of them are Superhero tales.  The comic starts off with the featured star, Firebrand.  Firebrand is a wealthy playboy with little to no motive to fight crime.  He is like Bruce Wayne without the a past tragedy.  He has a suck-up boxer who follows him around.  After reading this issue I felt there was too much missing.  The only interesting aspect to the character is the shirt.  Is it pink, see-through or both?  I gave it three sta...

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