How strong is she?

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How strong is she when compared to magneto? how powerful is she?

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I want to know too!! I love Polaris. It looks like she's very strong now. Like Magneto in ways. Learned alot from her father. He of course is nearly invulnerable in the comics, but her time in space & with the Celestial tech restoring her X gene in a pretty impressive way.. plus that weird semi healing factor she had going on when she was Vulcan's prisoner.. it's all powerful. Anyone else?

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Would like Marvel to touch on this. The Legacy issues she was featured in alongside Magneto seemed to indicate she had more raw power (she's obviously not as skilled nor anyway near as intelligent, though).

It's a shame she's such a shell of a character.

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thanks for replying after many weeks later =p

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@moywar700: She's got what it takes to be awesome, even if she is still weaker than her father!

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Both she and Magneto harness the power of external electromagnetic sources. IE the EM fields of other planets and stars.

Power wise their potental is therefore the same, the difference is Magneto has 60+ years of skill using his powers in new and different ways Lorna has maybe 12 years along with 6 months of it being trained by Magneto on Genosha in terms of Marvel time.

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