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When the young time-displaced X-Men whom where under Magneto's care where seemingly lost in space, the need arose for another team of mutants to fill the void and take on the evil alliance of Miss Sinister, Havok and Emma Frost. Magneto requested Polaris to recruit another team of mutants. Firstly, the remaining X-men Jimmy Hudson and Bloodstorm recruited Chen Xorn. Then, Brair Raleigh managed to bring Daken into the fold as well. It was when Polaris recruited the native hero known as Gazing Nightshade that Polaris' X-Men team was born.


Polaris' team of X-Men was created by writer Cullen Bunn and artist Jorge Molina and first appeared in X-Men: Blue issue 25 (2018).

Major Story Arcs

Replacing the X-Men

After Polaris had formed a new group of X-Men, they received minimal team-training and soon started their first mission; rescue the mutant known as Unuscione from a group of Sentinels.

Team Outfits

The team whore new blue/black costumes to define the uniqueness of this team.


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